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Row-Based Scrolling Speed Wotc
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9 вер 2017 о 19:01
12 вер 2017 о 1:12

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Row-Based Scrolling Speed Wotc

>>> Not compatible with other scrollbar mods. <<<

Makes scrolling lists much easier :
- When pointer is on the list : each mousewheel notch scrolls by one row.
- When pointer is on the scrollbar itself : each mousewheel notch scrolls by one page.
(Alternativly you can click on the tiny scrollbar's up/down buttons)

Overrides UIScrollbar. Not compatible with other scrollbar mods.

Ini options
- ScrollSpeed (integer) : number of row to scroll for each mousewheel notch
- InterplationDuration (float) : duration of the interpolation/animation in second (0 will disable interpolation completely)
- InterplationUpdateRate (float) : in seconds (ie : 1 divided by desired framerate).
- InteractiveAreaPadding (int) : padding for scrollbar's hitbox, in pixels.


- BugFix: scrollbar dont keep focus when thumb-dragging + release outside (that led to per-page scrolling instead of per-row)
- BugFix: division by zero when InterplationDuration=0

- BugFix: works correctly with UIColorSelector as parent

- New: Added padding to scrollbar's hitbox, to make scroll-per-page and thmub-dragging easier.

- BugFix: scrolling failing when game paused
- BugFix: ActionScript's scrollbar's behavior override modded behavior after thumb-dragging.
- BugFix: ActionScript's scrollbar's behavior when cursor was on scrollbar.
- New: Added scroll per page

Added interpolation

Initial release
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Коментарів: 59
Mighty442 17 кві о 11:10 
Great mod, does exactly what I needed it to do.
Toxic Frog  [автор] 28 гру 2018 о 18:54 
No problem, have fun.
krumiro 28 гру 2018 о 1:19 
silly me! my apologies... thanks for your mod! ;)
Toxic Frog  [автор] 27 гру 2018 о 17:22 
It's in the description: "Override UIScrollbar. Not compatible with other scrollbar mods."
krumiro 27 гру 2018 о 15:36 
the reason is that in the description it is not mentioned the important fact that this Mod overrides +ModClassOverrides=(BaseGameClass="UIScrollbar" which is the same class overridden by "Smooth Scrollng" from Robojumper so both mods simultaneously will have this FPS drop
krumiro 27 гру 2018 о 15:32 
Oh my God! I lost 3 hours trying to identify which mod was reducing my Framerate 80% and finally cough this one as the perpetrator!!!! JESUS!!! I WANT MY TIME BACK!
tomomi1922 21 гру 2018 о 2:24 
This mod makes my fps from 60fps to 12fps on the bridge's map screen. Screen scrolling movement is jittery, not smooth. I unsubscribed, and the thing goes back to normal.
Toxic Frog  [автор] 13 гру 2018 о 14:56 
@SentySent You can ignore it, it should have been logged as a warning rather than an error.
(sry for replying so late)
hambil 13 гру 2018 о 12:18 
Absolute wonderful mod! Thanks to you and all those giant shoulders.
SentySent 4 лис 2018 о 7:42 
Hey man, I found a few errors indicating they have unsupported parent:

RowBasedScrollSpeedWotc: ERROR: rbss_Scrollbar::GetMaskSize : Unsupported parent
RowBasedScrollSpeedWotc: ERROR: rbss_Scrollbar::GetRowSize : Unsupported parent
RowBasedScrollSpeedWotc: ERROR: rbss_Scrollbar::GetRowCount : Unsupported parent