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Redd'n'Tank Vehicles
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4 вер 2017 о 12:39
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Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

First of all, it is not perfect, but we are getting better ;)
Secondly, our vehicles are never meant to be played with AI, we are focusing on coop content. This means, some functions may not work with AI

Redd'n'Tank Vehicles 1.3.79

The Team:
Redd: Config, functions, model, textures
Tank: Model, textures

Redd'n'Tank official website:

Discuss AW-Forum (german):

Discuss BI-Forum (english):

Steam Workshop:



GitLab: (See the whole Changelog)
pls report issues here

Support us:


Addon Pack Contains:
- Wiesel 1A4 MK20 (No AI Vehicle)
- Wiesel 1A2 TOW (No AI Vehicle)
- Fuchs 1A4 Infantry (Requires redd_milan_static.pbo) (No AI Vehicle)
- Fuchs 1A4 Engineers (Requires redd_milan_static.pbo) (No AI Vehicle)
- Fuchs 1A4 Medic Vehicle (Requires redd_milan_static.pbo) (No AI Vehicle)
- Marder 1A5 (Requires redd_milan_static.pbo) (No AI Vehicle)
- Redd Vehicles Main (Required for all other addons)

Wiesel 1A4 MK20
- Woodland, desert and winter camo
- ViV transportable
- Slingloadable
Wiesel 1A2 TOW
- Woodland, desert and winter camo
- ViV transportable
- Slingloadable
Fuchs 1A4 Medic Vehicle
- Actual Fuchs has two brake pedals, try the difference between normal brake (S) and handbrake (X). We tried to simulate pushing both pedals with the handbrake (X)
- Rotating blue light
- Woodland, desert and winter camo
- Animated doors
- Animated Surge Plate
- Animated Bullet Shield
Fuchs 1A4 Infantry and Engineers
- FFV left and right rear hatch
- Actual Fuchs has two brake pedals, try the difference between normal brake (S) and handbrake (X). We tried to simulate pushing both pedals with the handbrake (X)
- Mountable rotating beacon
- Woodland, desert and winter camo
- Animated doors
- Animated Surge Plate
- Animated Bullet Shield
- A few more little animations
Marder 1A5
- Rear ramp can be opened and closed by driver or rear FFV-seat
- Turned out Commander can assemble Milan on turret
- FFV, rear-back-seat, left-back-seat, right-back-seat
- Commander has two stances when turned out
- Marder has Static Milan in its cargo
- Woodland, desert and winter camo

Known issues:
- Some missing details in Marder interior
- Localization only english and german, all other languages display english names
- Thermal vision always starts in black/white after changing the polarity once it has the correct color

Version 1.3.79
- Added some Tank DLC config stuff
- Added distance LODs to Fuchs interior
- Added the "Fix GetIn Bug" user action, so you can now manually unlock the positions which sometimes wouldn't unlock and you cannot enter e.g. Fuchs co-driver anymore
- Added second Animation for Wiesel MK20 commander, now he can switch between a low and a high turned out animation (Low is default)
- Changed RSC UI optics for all vehicles and weapons
- Changed Fuchs "Commander Hatch" is now called "Middle Hatch"
- Changed Marder and Wiesel MK20 turret rotating speed
- Changed new radio model in Fuchs interior
- Tweaked Marder, Wiesel TOW and Wiesel MK20 PhysX
- Tweaked all soundshader
- Tweaked some selection names and removed unnecessary config entries
- Removed Milan on Marder and Fuchs, due to a change in the engine (I think so) it is not possible to aim with the missile if they are not part of the main turret (Will be fixed by BI)
- Removed static Milan due to an issue with the model.cfg for the backpacks

Licensed Under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND

- Thanks to T4nk for joining me
- Thanks to Tactical Training Team and TF47 for testing and support
- Thanks to KV-13 Schubert for all background informations
- Thanks to Pazuzu for original Fuchs config
- Thanks to commy2 for smoke launcher script
- Thanks to Ironie for MG3 sounds
- Thanks to Nobilis for help with support for virtual garage
- Last but not least, thanks to my wife and my daughter for giving me the time to do all this stuff :*
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Коментарів: 136
tourist 21 кві о 14:58 
And BTW, I had to add the Redd vehicles manually to my ORBAT faction after exporting the code from ORBAT using BWMOD Pumas as placeholders in ORBAT created files. Not possible for MCC to build a new faction I guess.
tourist 21 кві о 14:55 
@Col.Delta Engels:

I have built a new "More Complete" BW in Afghanistan Faction out of BW MOD, various Retexture mods and Redd Vehicles. In the ALiVE Mod's ORBAT tool the Redd vehicles don't appear, but they DO in the normal BIS editor. So your best bet is to ask for support at MCC.
+5000RespektWamen 10 кві о 19:44 
Thanks man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MonkeyUnleashed 18 бер о 7:50 
Sehr gute Mod. Fände es aber beser wenn die Texturen des Tarnmusters dunkler wären (passend zum Bw Mod) und die Textur des MG3s auf dem Fuchs auch die gleiche wäre.. Aber ansonsten Top :)
Col.Delta Engels 16 бер о 0:32 
Reddiem  [автор] 15 бер о 16:07 
Check by yourselfe without MCC, if there is our faction. report to MCC
Col.Delta Engels 15 бер о 2:54 
Weird Then that I cant Find it... Would you be up for checking out 'MCC' And taking a look? Would be cool if you could. Tho its fine if you dont want to.
Reddiem  [автор] 14 бер о 15:17 
Indeed they are in the faction called "Redd'n'Tank Vehicles" under BluFor
TyrTheBull 14 бер о 7:30 
Yea but I think they do have a faction called red n tanks vehicles or something
Col.Delta Engels 14 бер о 1:18 
TyrTheBull please read my message again.
I Quote."I Play some gamemodes where Zeus doesnt have acces to spawn in anything or add in anything. Thus I use the MCC Sandbox 'Spawn' Module."

I know they're accesable from zeus, but some of the gamemodes I play like 'Liberation' Dont allow to spawn anything in Zeus. Thats why I use MCC's 'Spawn' Module but Redd'n'tank Vehicles dont seem to show up as a Proper faction Unlike Factions from other stuff like BW Mod for example.