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Invade [Alpha]
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12 Nis 2017 @ 11:57
8 Eki 2017 @ 13:16
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Invade [Alpha]

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*** INVADE ***
Invade is a dynamic medium to long range bomb defusal map set in a fictional medieval city in Germany. The castle is each summer a beloved sightseeing spot for many tourists.The old structures, colorfull gardens and ancient paintings and other items brings you back in time for over 500 years. Rumors have spread that Terrorist are planning to bring the castle down. The castle have been evacuated and the Counter-Terrosist are deployed and ready for action.

This map is NOT completely finished. The map uses content from other games and maps which are NOT made by me such as custom textures and models. Future plans are to replace all custom content with my own content or with the help of a 2D/3D artist. I will also spend more time on polishing and optimising the map and adding special effects like sounds and such. This map is open for any feedback which is related to gameplay, visuals and technical issues.
You could use the discussions below to write any feedback that comes up!

*** CREDITS ***
- Some models are from the game: Day of Infamy by New World Interactive (Will be replaced by custom ones)
- Special thanks to Lone_Wolf for helping me on some optimisation
- Thanks to TopHattWaffle's Source Engine group for playtesting
- Thanks to Mapcore for the feedback on my thread:
- A big thanks to all friends who helped me on testing and providing me with feedback!
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8 Eki 2017 @ 13:24
Feedback (Gameplay and visuals)
10 Eki 2017 @ 5:42
Bug/glitch reports
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That50'sGuy 28 Nis 2018 @ 9:19 
I loved Portal 2 so seeing that the P2 foliage is in this is sure getting be excited :D
Roald  [yaratıcı] 8 Oca 2018 @ 2:25 
Yes it is. Right now I am focusing on other projects. For Invade I have fixed some stuff and add some sounds troughout the map but I still need to replace all the custom assets from other games/maps with my own. Unfortenatly I don't know how to create them so perhaps there is a enviorment artist out there who would love to help.
Gh0sT 8 Oca 2018 @ 1:03 
Does this have been abandoned temporarily?
kaen 10 Eki 2017 @ 7:03 
Today and tomorrow gonna work in a video with smoke line ups and my thoughts and how it would be played, might setup a scrim on the map to see how it plays out. ESEA was hiring map makers btw so if u wanna get paid for this I would look into that could be a great opportunity
Lurkin' 9 Eki 2017 @ 18:55 
KALAMAR 9 Eki 2017 @ 12:09 
Sometimes mappers add some "anotations" to help players line up smokes. For example, in Cache fmpone added oxide/red marks above the window of B Site when he saw what players discovered.

Your map is great. Keep it up.
kaen 9 Eki 2017 @ 11:18 
np @roald :) i really like this map and would love to see it in played at the top level
Roald  [yaratıcı] 9 Eki 2017 @ 11:16 
@behrs, that would be great, thanks alot in advanced!
kaen 9 Eki 2017 @ 11:16 
@roald players just found ways to line up smokes through trial and error. Later tonight ill go on and try to find smoke line ups and record them and send them to you.
Roald  [yaratıcı] 9 Eki 2017 @ 11:11 
@behrs, I am glad you liked it! I think when you practise enough there are some possible smokes. It's a good thing for me to think about so thank you for your comment!
I could add some roof top details which can be used for lining up smokes. I am not sure how it goes in official maps? Are those lineups by luck or players found good positioning and mappers created a 'marker' special for those smokes?