Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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3, 5 and 6 car Dualstox
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3 Ara 2016 @ 13:31
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3, 5 and 6 car Dualstox

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This is a pack with different variants of Dualstox including 3, 5 and 6 cars.

These trains can together create every possible combination and are more efficient than the 4-car version. A 3-car train can fit onto a 80 meter platform with 84 passengers, and the 6-car train can just fit onto the 160m platform with a capacity of 198 passengers.

For long trains, two 6-car trains are more efficient than three 4-car trains. It costs less, has higher capacity (396 vs 366) and has lower running costs.
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13 Yorum
DaneBeard 14 Nis 2017 @ 7:04 
Does the railcart come seperate anyware? I have the set. and more multipel unite. so both ends of the Dualstox are avalibel. but not the "center passenger cart"
deanna.berggren 4 Şub 2017 @ 19:13 
shooter777RUS 6 Ara 2016 @ 23:22 
@Da S-man Activate as a mod and all. I'm doing that. But the game does not appear ((((
mika25bln 6 Ara 2016 @ 15:11 
Hi, Please, I urgently need the old mod from you. Because the new one doesn`t work and because this new mod overwrite the old one, my save game crashes now.
lund456  [yaratıcı] 6 Ara 2016 @ 8:55 
@shooter777RUS In the list of mods you activate there's one with the same name as the title of this mod.
shooter777RUS 5 Ara 2016 @ 1:26 
@KingErikII, How? I always add. Like all.
lund456  [yaratıcı] 4 Ara 2016 @ 8:20 
Same time as the other Duplexs, so 2015 I think it is
erhaem 4 Ara 2016 @ 7:25 
In which year do they become available
Nuppiu 4 Ara 2016 @ 5:14 
Good Job. Love it. the trains looks way better now.
lund456  [yaratıcı] 4 Ara 2016 @ 2:16 
yes, you might have to try activating the mod