Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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British Rail Class 43 HST
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Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Locomotive
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14 Kas 2016 @ 10:07
26 Kas 2018 @ 12:35
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British Rail Class 43 HST

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Intercity Swallow liveried British High Speed Trains composed of Class 43 diesel locomotives and Mk3 coaching stock. This mod comes with two variants, the standard 8x Mk3 Coaches topped and tailed with 2x Class 43s (220m long) and the shortend version comprising 5x Mk3 Coaches topped and tailed with 2x Class 43s (151m long and in a formation sometimes used by Cross Country today).
The Mk3 coaches will not be released on their own as the models are a little too small - this is not noticable when they are kept in set formations but would be if mixed with other locomotives.

Unlocked 1975-1983
Maximum Speed 201kp/h
Capacity 76 per Mk3 coach
Lifespan 45 years

Models by mfurseman for Train Fever
Converted to Transport Fever by 9th Wonder with thanks to killakanz
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28 Ağu @ 3:47
HST 125
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james.walster 10 Kas @ 16:16 
I un-installed some mods and it seems to be fixed. Great work on it it by the way
Dark Centurion 27 Ağu @ 16:30 
why is the capacity so broken? yes it's completely accurate, but the cost of it makes it unusable. another mod that adds Mark 2 carriages gives them a good, balanced capacity of 26 per coach despite the real world capacity being 64, meanwhile a 5-car HST set in your mod had 380 capacity, and while that's completely accurate (so long as every mk3 is a TSO...), it's completely unbalanced. Would you maybe consider toning the capacity down a bit lmao, maybe a capacity of 36 per mk3?
james.walster 26 Ağu @ 11:36 
Only crashes my game when purchased from the depot.
Skirmish 21 Tem @ 20:08 
Is there any reason for the x10 load speed?
I just stop using this when i go above 200 passengers which is a real shame. It's just to slow for the amount of passengers and ends up completely backing up the line.(needs to be x20 at least if not more).
I would also add that some of these were still running in the 2000's maybe some still going now. It's an iconic train, looks so good in game, shame its around for such a short period.
Soharic  [yaratıcı] 13 Haz @ 12:17 
Originally only available until 1983 as that's the end of their build period. You can of course tick the in-game setting that removes the end date from all vehicles.

I was redoing aspects of the mod, stats and liveries (removing conflicts), but have not worked on this in a while.
YT_Notch-_-Apple 1 Haz @ 13:08 
Why is it only available till 1983 i cant get and i am in 2037 very annoying.
emp-one 12 May @ 9:09 
Hi everybody, I got a problem: my HST carries only 5 passengers. How can that be? I also experienced this issue with different EMUs and DMUs.
oldmanbrook 23 Nis @ 17:45 
Ok, looks I jumped the gun posting here.. Apologies.
I disabled the GWR skin and it loaded up okay.

I'd be interested to know why this happened though?
oldmanbrook 23 Nis @ 17:24 
LUA Error!

File: class_43_0.mdl
Cannot open res/models/material/vehicle/train/class_43_gner_0.mtl: No such file or directory.

Looks like the file has been renamed to gner_class_43_0.mtl but unsure ho ti fix..

Anyone have any ideas?

Linux MINT 19
Adam J. Scott 17 Nis @ 1:45 
The Mod doesn't actually appear in the buy menu after it is unlocked