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Dark Souls Character/NPC Models
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5 Eyl 2016 @ 17:07
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Dark Souls Character/NPC Models

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ItchyDani3l tarafından 1 koleksiyonda
Itchy's RPG Resources
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This is an ongoing project to export models from Dark Souls: Prepare to Die. Not many models are here right now. I will be expanding the collection as requests come in.

Also a cool thing to note: Because of the method I use to render the models, it's actually possible for me to create and export your custom character if you tell me all of the equipment you use.

NPC/Player Characters:
-Black Iron Tarkus

-Hollow (4 Weapons x 4 Poses)
-Black Knight (4 Weapons x 2 Pose)
-Mimic (3 Poses)

-Iron Golem
-Black Dragon Kalameet

Custom Characters:
-Darth Hbubuchu

Baseless models have been added.
From now on, all the new based models will have the coloring functionality of the standard base.

Standard bases can use any square texture you can find online, usually from Google Images. I've preloaded a good number of them.
Custom bases can be made with text on the edges and different faces on each side.

Credit for these models goes to FromSoftware.
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216 Yorum
Zedbrains 4 Eki @ 13:10 
Hey, will there be models for Dark Souls 2 and 3 as well?
Fido The Almighty 4 Ağu @ 14:33 
I would really love to see the Gaping Dragon as a miniature
CJ57 8 Tem @ 16:44 
One of my favorite bosses from dark souls 1 is the moonlight butterfly. Will this be added to the collection?
ItchyDani3l  [yaratıcı] 30 Haz @ 19:33 
I'm now doing commissions for custom D&D player character models.
Check here for more details.
ItchyDani3l  [yaratıcı] 17 Şub @ 17:47 
The females are going to come soon, they're actually going to be integrated with my D&D model collections.

Turns out there's not many female PC models for D&D.
WA-Aenarion Sindar 11 Şub @ 10:27 
Some female variants of these models would be great too. My friends and I are gonna do a campaign on the Dark Souls board game and we want more options
WA-Aenarion Sindar 10 Şub @ 18:21 
I'd also love Elite Knight with Greatsword of Artorias (non cursed)
WA-Aenarion Sindar 10 Şub @ 18:20 
Any chance I can get the Elite Knight with a Zweihander and Grass Crest shield?
The Illustrious Penis Slot 18 Kas 2018 @ 17:57 
If at all possible, could you add a character with the boar helmet and a loin cloth only? Running a custom campaign for a friend of mine and this would absolutely make his entire year
GOLDMACNCHEEZ 18 Kas 2018 @ 16:06 
on the off chance that this isn't dead I would like to see the crow demons from the painted world of ariamis.