ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Skies of Nazca
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8 Tem 2016 @ 8:16
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Skies of Nazca

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aMAP ID: 720200839

Support the cause so i can continue to build and work for your enjoyment

SEPT 11TH UPDATE update is the third part of 6.
MORE optimizations
Added more structures of rocks and what not to Low line mountains off the river basin. (Irkalla)
Updates will come slowly but will be coming. I am not getting paid to do this anymore, so updates won't come super fast as I have a day job.
Main Map name: skiesofnazca (if by chance this does not work use Skiesofnazca)
Skies of Nazca is 100% complete on building (the landscape and layout)
Skies of Nazca is 75% complete on Bugs and optimizations
Skies of Nazca is the largest landscape mass you can make in the ADK currently. In other words if i tried to make the MAIN landscape (included ocean floor) any larger the editor couldn’t push it live. so ...its big...its VERY big.

Skies of Nazca will be done with preliminary building in Sept. then a pass will be made on optimization, details and bugs in Oct and Nov, a Second pass with more world detail added, more bug fixes and console optimization will happen (Console opt is MY request only and not a hint at things to come)

After Dec 2017 the map will ONLY be updated for bugs and updates from the Main game.
Nazca was once a gorgeous and peaceful island. Aliens brought war to Nazca, fracturing the main island, resulting in mysterious, floating islands. Testing has been done on the native animals, creating horrific monstrosities.
Nazca still has a healthy abundance of metals, minerals and food as well as a very healthy diverse landscape of dinosaurs.

Donating helps with buying assets, hiring people to help me with things I can't do. and helps keep this map being worked on. You want updates...donate to help the cause.

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SABİT: Servers running this Map?
27 May 2017 @ 13:03
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webgirl 14 Ara @ 0:17 
goblin grat job?:steamfacepalm:
Goblin 26 Kas @ 11:42 
so beautifull map. grat job!
hydra 23 Kas @ 7:37 
i think this mod is dead its better to remove the rates soo ppl dont use it cuz its buggy
GoT_Targaryen 15 Kas @ 20:59 
This map is beautiful and I absolutely love it. My friends and fiance play on it regularly from a server I host. We are noticing that a lot of areas seem to be devoid of creature spawns. Not sure if this is an ARK Extinction Core mod thing or just the sheer size of this map. Any ideas on making these areas spawn creatures?
The_Red_Dragon_Emperor 14 Kas @ 16:05 
@TheAlchemist will abberation and extinction be added of course extinction hasnt hit the dev kit yet but when it does will you?
Coddyfish 5 Kas @ 18:50 
Any chance you could make the map file size a little smaller than 2 gigs?
Boomer 1 Kas @ 13:34 
Is there a map or a location of where the artifacts are?
MajRatbag 27 Eki @ 0:05 
like many others I get stuck on snapshot 16 and time out. Tried 5 times to load map, even set graphics to low, joined single player and then tried again but no luck
Darman Ordo 21 Eki @ 17:36 
I like the map. Very beautiful, just not a fan of the lack of ambient sound. Kinda jarring the silence.
fatgit 27 Eyl @ 6:11 
One trick I found for custom maps not loading was to put graphics to low, start a single player game, spawn, exit and then join the server and you should be able to increase the settings

I have a spare PC I use when away, Pentium G3450 (or something like that), 8GB DDR3 and 2Gb HD7870 and it wont load many custom maps unless I follow the above procedure.