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Garry's Mod

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ZS Krusty Krab Large
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Type: Map, Addon
Tags: Scenic, Cartoon
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14 Mar 2016 @ 3:58
5 Eki 2016 @ 16:03
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ZS Krusty Krab Large

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Converted to ZS. Requires CSS.

This Krusty Krab is much bigger than the original Krusty Krab map.

The wooden boards in the underground area will break on wave one start. There is also a custom victory theme for when the humans win.

The most notable changes from the ZM version to this version are the addition of more props, ability to access the roof and the removal of all secrets.

Original map by FireWavezZ -
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valdatonekid 21 Haz @ 12:45 
Hey SCP-173 im not risking my gf pregnancy for a dumb human life like u:steammocking:
God_Mode_2009 16 Haz @ 15:16 
why is error every where i need the texture pack y u no link it boi
Rawmet76 28 May @ 3:27 
i aint wasting 10 dollars on a dumb game.
corey.dotterweich 22 Nis @ 14:04 
can i get a link to css?
Southpaw 4 Nis @ 7:34 
Yeah, but what's it's file name?
Beans On Butter 3 Nis @ 21:23 
You can just load the map in the Trouble In Terrorist Town gamemode
Southpaw 24 Mar @ 11:14 
Is there a TTT version of this anywhere?
owen raper 19 Mar @ 16:59 
i cant download css because i cant see the versions on css downloads
its a video game :steamfacepalm:
Kingkitty13 7 Mar @ 16:13 
I meant link not like