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How to fix the compatibility issues with Windows 8 & 10
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This guide will help you if you are experiencing the white screen issues, graphical bugs or launching problems with TM Nations Forever. These steps solved my problems with the game.
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1. Edit Nadeo.ini -file (this is the default installation path, your game files might be elsewhere.)
C:\Program Files\(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TrackMania Nations Forever\Nadeo.ini

2. Find a row with "Distro=XXXXX". Delete contents after "Distro=" and change it to "Distro=MILIN". Save and close the file.

3. Download the update file (it says "United Forever" but it doesn't matter, it works great with TM Nations too)

4. Install the patch and point it to your Trackmania Nations Forever folder, for example:
C:\Program Files\(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TrackMania Nations Forever

5. That's it! When the installation is finished, you are ready to play the game. Depending on what the problem was, the game should work well now.

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DBellTV 16 Haz @ 2:03 
DsC.sashusilver 15 Haz @ 8:06 
Great! Works fantastic. Thank you :)
Cannelloni 19 May @ 9:23 
Works, thanks
Oliversky 19 May @ 2:08 
Oliversky 19 May @ 2:08 
DZIEKI DZIAŁA!!!:steamhappy::steamhappy:
janvandenhoorn 4 May @ 2:02 
It works! thx a lot!<3
yeet 30 Nis @ 8:07 
Trackmania United: https://player.trackmania.com/ (Log in with your TMU account. On the left side is a Download tab)
janvandenhoorn 30 Nis @ 7:42 
Distros not compatible when I download the update:(
pINHEAD 27 Nis @ 14:05 
Works on Windows 10! Ty for the guide :)
Ker1 24 Nis @ 3:22 
Worked. Thanks alot :lunar2019grinningpig: :2018bestcoffee: