Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Men of War: Assault Squad 2

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RobZ Realism mod 1.26.7(Missions)
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RobZ Realism mod 1.26.7(Missions)

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Missions based on the Rob Modz Realism mod 1.26.5.

-The Nijmegen Bridge
-The bunker
-The Battle of Foy

En la descripción de los vídeos de Youtube podéis descargar las misiones en Español.

-El Puente de Nimega
-El Bunker
-La Batalla de Foy

All help is welcome.
Toda ayuda es bienvenida.

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31 Yorum
SPANISH WARRIOR  [yaratıcı] 30 Eyl @ 10:57 
CheeseTheBurger 30 Eyl @ 10:51 
i see the bunker mission is based on the final mission of hidden and dangerous 2. i enjoyed it ty
SPANISH WARRIOR  [yaratıcı] 29 Eyl @ 7:06 
I'll keep that in mind, thanks for enjoying my work and soon more missions will come with Robz
Toasty_Tacos 28 Eyl @ 17:08 
I really enjoyed the bunker mission, but i suggest that you create a script to remove the roof of the bunker or make it invisible when you have to begin clearing it out
MadMatz 23 Ağu @ 4:24 
Ok, thank you for answer.
SPANISH WARRIOR  [yaratıcı] 23 Ağu @ 3:42 
Thank you
That is a thing of the creators of the original mod, I guess they will be working on it
MadMatz 22 Ağu @ 22:59 
Fantastic mod, thanx! No plans for fix the ammo bar in the left corner that shows how much ammo soldiers has? It is showing 0 for all soldiers now :(
miamivice305 5 Ağu @ 7:01 
HAHA! My Ninja! :steamhappy:
SPANISH WARRIOR  [yaratıcı] 4 Ağu @ 7:28 
So far there is one and tomorrow I upload another. The Spanish civil war is incredible😎😎😎
miamivice305 4 Ağu @ 5:22 
so how many missions so far?
F.Y.I. Spanish Civil war would be nice right?
just saying :steamsalty: