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Residence Inn by Marriott
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Residence Inn by Marriott

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The Hotel Collection
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Residence Inn by KingLeno

A complete rework of a previous model used for Tennessee Street Apts and Hampton Inn Hotel. It reminded me of a Courtyard Marriott I visited in Washington, DC, but decided to go with the Residence Inn branding.

It has included RICO settings for high density residential, but sometimes there are issues with RICO when including props with similar names.

Triangles 7134
Texture 512x512
Custom LOD
Lot size: 5 x 6

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8 Yorum
vvz0440 1 May @ 9:03 
high quality
albertofuji 13 Oca @ 7:46 
Fantastic! Ty KL
ale_donkey 11 Oca @ 13:40 
Nice rework!
KingLeno  [yaratıcı] 10 Oca @ 17:21 
@core79 aye, thanks!
core79 10 Oca @ 17:07 
I love it !
Charlie.Decker 9 Oca @ 18:30 
awesome stuff as always
pawjtr 9 Oca @ 18:26 
UguuDoki 9 Oca @ 18:12