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Rescue the Companion Cube Series
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A series of chambers where the objective is to rescue the companion cube from each chamber. The last episode which is under construction using the Hammer Editor so their will be a custom ending so stay tuned
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Rescue the Companion Cube : Episode 1
Yaratıcı: shane7218
Hi Everyone, This is the first episode in the series hope you all enjoy. If you enjoy this episode please try the others in the collection.

Hi everyone i have made some changes to the chamber based on comments.
1: Blue Gel has been removed from the c...
Rescue The Companion Cube: Episode 2
Yaratıcı: shane7218
Please subscribe and leave a comment below. enjoy...
Rescue the Companion Cube: Episode 3
Yaratıcı: shane7218
Let me know what you think and hope you enjoy try my other episodes also....
Rescue the Companion Cube : Episode 4
Yaratıcı: shane7218
Hi Guys please subscribe and let me know what you think :) Try the other 3 episodes on my workshop. Enjoy...
Rescue the Companion Cube : Episode 5
Yaratıcı: shane7218
Hope you all enjoy :)...
Rescue the Companion Cube: Episode 6
Yaratıcı: shane7218
Hope you enjoy. Play the other episodes availabe in my workshop...
Rescue The Companion Cube : Episode 7
Yaratıcı: shane7218
Hi everyone, Latest episode of the series. This episode is based around interesting mechanisms for puzzle. Please subscribe and comment and let me know what you think. Dont forget to try episodes 1-6 in the collection. Have fun...
Rescue The Companion Cube : Episode 8
Yaratıcı: shane7218
Hi Everyone. This chamber is expanding on the cube delivery system from episode 7 adding much more functions to it and making it the center of the chamber. Hope you all enjoy Please Comment below and let me know what you think. If you enjoy this episode pl...
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20 Yorum
Borked. 21 May 2013 @ 22:45 
While not terribly difficult, they are quite clever and I enjoyed them.
Kiserian 14 May 2013 @ 21:54 
Hey, gonna play your maps and give ya feedback :D
shane7218  [yaratıcı] 13 May 2013 @ 11:42 
Episode 8 is now Available be sure to check it out http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=144900807
shane7218  [yaratıcı] 12 May 2013 @ 21:02 
Hope you enjoy megablocky be sure to let me know what you think . Thank you very much naranjito im glad you enjoyed the episodes. Episode 10 which will be a custom map will feature the different mechanics from all the chambers. Looking forward to see what you all think.
TripleM 12 May 2013 @ 20:03 
Im about to download them all. I'll comment about what I think!
Naranjito 11 May 2013 @ 17:54 
Amathing, the 7 chambers. All of them where fantastic!
astronautlevel 11 May 2013 @ 7:12 
Thanks! Just downloaded
shane7218  [yaratıcı] 9 May 2013 @ 17:09 
Episode 7 is now Available. It has some interesting mechanisms for puzzles.
astronautlevel 5 May 2013 @ 13:39 
Ok, great! Thanks for the quick reply!