ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Better Reusables
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Content Types: Mod, Weapons, Rebalancing
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18 Nis 2018 @ 3:05
12 May @ 3:59
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Better Reusables

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Adds a Reusable Spear, Bola, Grappling Hook, Parachute and Boomerang!

Mod ID=1364327869

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This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License. []
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23 Haz @ 5:13
Servers running Better Reusables!
12 May @ 19:49
Last update - graple became vanilla.
12 May @ 8:21
Grapple not working on Aberration
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Colton 13 Haz @ 5:53 
Then get off your mac book 11
colburnnick13 27 May @ 21:28 
Scratch that, it is only sticking to my dinos I shoot
colburnnick13 27 May @ 21:26 
The grapple doesn't stick to any surface for me
Silv3rGunna 21 May @ 5:03 
Minyan Gaming Servers - MapTransfers - VoteReward - Discord - WIPED 17/04

for direct connect (Might need to paste into browser)

steam://connect/ or steam://connect/ #1 Ragnarok
steam://connect/ or steam://connect/ #2 Extinction

Please consider adding us to your steam favourites!
#1 (Ragnarok)
#2 (Extinction)

Slots: 50

Auto Restart Everyday At 11:45 PM EST Note: In Game and Discord Notifications
Collision: Disabled
Crop Growth: 20x
Cross Ark Travel: Enabled Flyers in Caves
Enabled Food & Water Drain: 0.5x
Gamma Settings: Disabled
Harvest: 20x
Loot Crates: 2x
Max Levels After Tame: 155
Max Player Level: 135 (165 with Ascension)
Max Tamed Dinos: 300
Max Wild Dino Level: 270
ORP: Enabled (15 Minutes After Logging)
Taming Speed: 20x
Weather: Enabled
XP: 20x
a white guy 12 May @ 21:40 
when ark finally comes out of early access/alpha phase im sure wildcard will have it fixed at that point :)
Biggumzzz  [yaratıcı] 12 May @ 5:50 
Yeah. It's an ARK issue I can't fix. A lot of ARK's weapons do this issue in general sometimes. Can't do much about it when I can't access it :(
a white guy 12 May @ 4:25 
darn. still glitches with the reload animation. happens to me when im doing quick traversing of ceilings in caves where i keep the left mouse button down and press the duck key to quickly refire. at least ya tried to fix it.
Biggumzzz  [yaratıcı] 12 May @ 4:16 
Nothing should of changed for anyone. Just background improvements for the Mod's future and for it's current state. Hopefully that bug fix worked for the Grappling Hook having that reload issue, that's apart of ARK's source code that I cannot access I think, but it's always worth a try to fix some of them things. :)
a white guy 12 May @ 4:14 
sweet, so custom stuff should still override. thanks for the quick responses.
Biggumzzz  [yaratıcı] 12 May @ 4:13 
It's pretty much the same case again like as stated below. If ARK changes the level requirement for, let's say the Bola, mine will change as well to match the vanilla Bola's values automatically. I have also changed the Engram requirements.