Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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[TFA] [AT] FA:S 2 Assorted Sweps
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Type: Weapon, Addon
Tags: Fun
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12 Nis 2018 @ 22:51
31 Oca @ 12:23
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[TFA] [AT] FA:S 2 Assorted Sweps

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Custom attachments and Insurgency optics!
Brought to Garry's mod from Firearms Source 2, featuring a selection of military firearms - the MP5, G3, SG550, (which all can be converted to different models via attachments) and the P226. Included also are three soviet era rifles - KS23 carbine, SKS and SVD. Find them in the TFA FA:S 2 tab. Adds two new optics with a patch: 3.4x ACOG and RUSAK dot sight.

Credit & thanks to:

Maps in screenshots above, ordered left to right:
1st, 5th, 7th... gm_fork
2nd... gm_ravenholm
3rd, 11th... gm_vyten
4th... dm_icenova
9th... gm_boreas
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48 Yorum
V.i.g gamer 3 Ara @ 14:28 
Any plans on adding more like the volmer and such? Just a curiosity
Matt Simmons 25 Kas @ 13:22 
Whenever I switch weapons with FA:S 2, it breaks some animations for the physgun and the toolgun. Can you fix this please? Thanks.
[ LUMOS ]SANDERS 19 Eki @ 11:38 
the SVD in this pack the scopes just hover above the gun
Polandball 1 Ağu @ 8:03 
Add m4a1 (IF you can)
PrehistoricPancakes 26 Tem @ 19:14 
PrehistoricPancakes 26 Tem @ 19:14 
:steamhappy: :steamhappy::steamsad::steamsalty::steambored::steamfacepalm:
PrehistoricPancakes 26 Tem @ 19:13 
ONION RING 13 Tem @ 9:28 
⛧Kannazi⛧ 30 Haz @ 19:12 
@Mc_Robot press c...
Mc_Robot 30 Haz @ 13:21 
I cant figure out how to customize my weapons