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Rogue Servitors can purge and enslave (2.2 supported)
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13 Eki 2017 @ 5:21
31 Ara 2018 @ 7:21
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Rogue Servitors can purge and enslave (2.2 supported)

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This mod adds the ability to purge and enslave organics as a rogue servitor.
Why would humanity create a caretaker that pampers the filthy xenos anyway?

[UPDATE] the organic sanctuaries and utopias will now dissapear when enslaving or purging the filthy xenos. It destroys the sanctuaries every month, or you can manually trigger this per planet by moving one pop to a different tile

[UPDATE] fixed a bug where enslaving species keeps them in mandatory pampering living standard

[UPDATE] you can now process species into food

[UPDATE] 2.0 support, added the process into food purge option

[UPDATE] 2.2 support
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20 Yorum
R34V3r  [yaratıcı] 2 Tem @ 11:16 
[kapolis] I already tested it on 2.3 (very briefly though), seems to work fine. But I haven't updated the supported version number yet (sorry about that) both because of work and lazyness on my part. If you have an issue though, just drop a comment and I'll take a look at it
kapolis 2 Tem @ 11:08 
work with 2.3?
negimagi_10o00ii 16 Oca @ 17:51 
excellent with this firmware upgrade we shall immediatly begin the aqusition of slaves to service our biological masters in carnal services. our current analyitics unfoutunently show that the fisto model is not a popular choice for biological carnal servicing.
The Erubian Warlord 12 Oca @ 23:46 
how do I stop the "Assimilators must Assimilate" trigger I just want to option to enslave the unworthy of integration but still useful organics
FaintestVirus 12 Oca @ 12:49 
So even though this mod is brilliant and solves half my problem, I still have the other half of the issue. And unfortunatly I cannot find a mod that rectifies this yet. I still find it odd that servitors have no way to remove excess pops, not even expel them? How does anyone play servitors if they end up surrounded by several enemies. Atm you basically cannot conquer or destroy enemies due to this massive issue, and are forced to just remain in an endless loop of defensive wars unable to fight back with any permenat solution unless you get a colossus... o.O
FaintestVirus 12 Oca @ 12:49 
My current issue is that 2.2 removes the ability to purge single pops. My desired servitor build wants to preserve a small portion of all organic species on select worlds, then purge the remainder of their race's, preferably into food for the select preserved. But 2.2 took single pop purging out. Right now if I conquer a planet, I found out the hard way that I now have 60+ organic pops that I can't purge, as I already have plenty of this species on another world in sanctuaries. How do I deal with this excessive problem..?
The Erubian Warlord 12 Oca @ 5:38 
could I request a version of this for assimilators please
Rakonat 31 Ara 2018 @ 6:15 
And there was much rejoicing.
R34V3r  [yaratıcı] 30 Ara 2018 @ 17:20 
[Rakonat] updated the mod to work with 2.2
Rakonat 23 Ara 2018 @ 1:56 
After having to take in a bunch of cockroach and fungoid pops I really miss this mod.