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Automated Scout Ships (1.9)
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22 Eyl 2017 @ 18:28
5 Mar 2018 @ 16:02
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Automated Scout Ships (1.9)

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Update: 2.0 version here: - this mod is no longer being worked on.


This adds a class of automated scout ships to the game. Ships will begin scouting automatically shortly after coming off the assembly line. The model uses the now-defunct S1 corvette model, available for all core packs, plantoids, pirates, and I made one for the humanoid set.

There are some limitations, as there is no 'can path' trigger, and they can get stuck trying to path to star systems they can't reach - either because there is no wormhole station that can reach them, or they don't have access through another empire.

There is also no current ability to define our own civilian ship classes. This is more a cosmetic issue than anything.

If they can path, however, they will first explore systems in your borders, then an ever-expanding ring of systems surrounding your empire. They can also be forced to explore different systems if you wish, just like any fleet, which can also sometimes get them back to properly exploring.

If they can't find any system to explore, they will return to the nearest starport until they do find such a system, or are ordered elsewhere.

Be careful with trying to use too many of these, as they can block each other, especially if you are using wormholes.
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Ariphaos  [yaratıcı] 12 Mar 2018 @ 14:27 
@Prime it's been up for a few days. See the link in the description.
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 12 Mar 2018 @ 9:09 
Can't wait
Ariphaos  [yaratıcı] 6 Mar 2018 @ 18:20 
@crymson @Prime I'm an idiot and didn't read the defines all the way through.

I'll have a version up later this week. I want to give it a bit more intelligence/capability.
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 6 Mar 2018 @ 8:58 
That's pretty ridiculous that they decided to hardcode the requirement in like that. I've been waiting (im)patiently for this to be updated since 2.0 release, as I surprisingly don't find my scientists getting shit on immediately after arriving in a system to be an enjoyable addition to the game. Even with immortal scientists though, I really enjoyed how the scouts added an additional layer to intel/exploration by providing basic system information that the science ships could then expand on. Only a dumbass would willingly send an unarmed science vessel into uncharted hostile territory. Unfortunately, it looks like we're all forced into being dumbasses now :steamfacepalm:
crymson 5 Mar 2018 @ 20:16 
ahh well that screws the pooch pretty much bummer.
Ariphaos  [yaratıcı] 5 Mar 2018 @ 19:37 
The requirement for a science ship to explore appears to be hardcoded into the executable in 2.0.
crymson 2 Mar 2018 @ 13:05 
Just in case the author of this excellent mod is still keeping tabs on it.
This: "Update: As scientists no longer die in combat, this is (largely) unnecessary for 2.0." is not actually a feature its a bug.
They fixed this bug in the 2.02 beta so it would be really cool if you could update this mod for 2.0+
Brad [Vancouver] 7 Oca 2018 @ 13:55 
Not sure if you're aware of the bug, but when playing as a race with wormhole FTL, I'm finding that my scouts scout a bit, but then just go back to a spaceport and sit there when there are clearly more unscouted systems within range.
Rune 7 Ara 2017 @ 17:55 
Cool, thanks :-)
Ariphaos  [yaratıcı] 7 Ara 2017 @ 7:25 
Updated to 1.9. The humanoid version (if you got the pack, not required obviously) uses the 'pirate' S1 ship for now, with mammalian particle effects. Also increased the base cost, and added namelist entries for machine empires that were missing generic names.