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Military Weapons + Tranq Darts
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5 ม.ค. 2017 @ 4:24am
25 ต.ค. 2017 @ 3:35am
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Military Weapons + Tranq Darts

Mod ID: 835113702



This mod gives you follow Items:
  • Weapon Table (Craft all Items here, you must lern the Engram)
  • Barrett Sniper Gun an Ammo
  • 6 x Scopes for Guns with different Crosshairs
  • Acog Scope for the Assult Rifle and M4 and other Rifles
  • Crossbow Scopes
  • New Silencer, Laser and Flashlight only for the Barrett Sniper Rifle, DEagle and M4
  • M4 Rifle
  • G36 Rifle
  • Uzi
  • MG4
  • Spas-12
  • Desert Eagle Pistol
  • Nitro Express (Elephant Gun)
  • Military Knife
  • Katana
  • Throwing Knife
  • Multi Axe (Can use as a Pick or Hatchet)
  • Grenade Luncher
  • New Grenades (Fire, Toxic)
  • Fire Ammo and Arrow
  • Flame Thrower
  • 3 x New Tranq Darts 1 x New Tranq Arrow
  • Explosive Ammo and Arrows
  • Poisen Ammo and Arrows
  • Toxic Ammo and Arrows
  • GrenadeLuncher Shells (Explosive)
  • Military Armor (If you don't like deactivate the engrams)
  • Smoke Grenades in different colors

Read the discussions and the FAQ! Already answered questions will be ignored!
More Weapons for this mod
Military Weapons Extension

Weapon Wishes
Here you can tell me your weapon wishes for new weapons.
I insert your weapon in this mod about the extension, but it's not for free!

The Barrett ist a very powerful Sniper Rifle with a high Caliber (.50) is a very dirty Weapon on a PvP Server
you can kill a most of Dinos an Players with 1 shot. You can lern the Weapon Table with the Level 80.
This mod is make for Server with difficulty 3 or higher. On low Level Servers the Barret have to much power for
a nice Gameplay. Works on Servers and Singleplayer Games.

New in this Mod are the Tranq Darts for Longneck Rifle, Fabricated Pistol and for
the fabricated Sniper.
Refined Arrow = 290 Torpor + 5 Damage (20 - 22 shots for lvl 200 trike)
Longneck Dart = 500 Torpor + 5 Damage (10 - 12 shots for lvl 200 trike)
Pistol Dart = 1000 Torpor + 5 Damage (5 - 7 shots for lvl 200 trike)
Sniper Dart = 2000 Torpor + 5 Damage (3 - 5 shots for lvl 200 trike)
Barrett Dart= 4000 Torpor + 5 Damage (1 - 3 shots for lvl 200 trike)

New feature Scope Zoom
Now the Electric and Tranq Scopes have a zoom.

For Keybords Players to activate the zoom:
Look thru the scope and Mouse Wheel up to zoom in and Mouse Wheel down to zoom out.

For Controller Players:
Look thru the scope and D-Pad up to zoom in and D-Pad down to zoom out

New feature Scope Crosshair color chance
This feature have only the electric scope.

Keyboard= press o
Controllers = press left shoulder (Xbox controller LB)

New feature Scope Night Vision Mode
This feature have only the electric scope.

Keyboard= middle mouse button
Controllers = press tp Facebutton (Xbox controller Y).

The night vision mode is only active if you look at the scope. If you antargeting
the mod is automaticly off.

New Feature Flare Gun
You can chance by the Flare Gun effect from flare to fireworks. This is possible with the o button on keyboard and on the controller with the left facebutton (XBox Controller = X)

New Feature Harvesting Mode
You can switch by the Multi Axe to harvesting more wood or tatch and stones and flints. This Tool is like a Hatchet and Pickaxe in one tool.

Keyboard players use the button O.
Controller players use left face button (Xbox controller X)

New Feature Fire Mode Switch
You can Switch the fire mode from the G36 and the M4 rifles to Semi Mode (Single Shot) or to the full auto mode (Fast Fire).

Keyboard players use the button O.
Controller players use left shoulder button (Xbox controller LB)

The Most Weapons can be config by damage about the GameUserSettings.ini

I hope you like my Mod. It was 3 Month work for me.
Thanks for playing with my Mod.
If you like my Mod, don't forget to vote.
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Jacksonaliu.- 3 ก.ค. @ 1:03pm 
i can't make ammo shells
unownunownunown 2 มิ.ย. @ 4:29am 
I don't know what to do. He won't respond to comments. He won't let me friend him to send a message. I just wanted to donate for either an update or to buy the mod itself so someone else can work on it. Why make a great mod only to deprive everyone of it?
deblake60 30 พ.ค. @ 1:30pm 
Too bad this MOD is dead, I would really would have had enjoyed the crossbow with scope. :(
208109819 18 พ.ค. @ 7:50pm 
I don't know why my weapon table can only be made in the workbench, but the blueprint is on me and cannot be moved into the workbench. how can I make a weapon table?
Rogget 18 พ.ค. @ 1:46am 
The iron sight on the M4 is not alined, is it possible that u can fix this in the next update, the "bug" has been there for a long time.
Jake 13 พ.ค. @ 12:08am 
the desert eagle is to loud its like i have my headset unplugged when i fire it but its still coming out my headset
lou2382uj 5 พ.ค. @ 10:31pm 
Does anyone know where the Ammo Bullet Ammo Shell is made?
Chastiser 4 พ.ค. @ 2:44am 
There is no extra engram for the bullets. Just craft them in the workstation.
R4skall 21 เม.ย. @ 11:19am 
@ostrofsky.isaiah ammo bullet and shell bullet i think are just pistol and shotgun ammo
ostrofsky.isaiah 21 เม.ย. @ 6:28am 
there's things i cant craft because i don't know how to craft ammo bullet, shell bullet and net