Honeybadger | Royal Badger
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Skin Type: Honeybadger
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16 ต.ค. 2016 @ 12:02am
26 ต.ค. 2016 @ 11:10pm
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ไอเท็มนี้ผ่านการยอมรับสำหรับ Unturned แล้ว!

For those of you still looking at this, I decided to add my original drawing to the pictures. it is the last image. Enjoy! :D

**Thanks to DJDemon for the name suggestion!**

I did it! The skin has been updated to v1.1!!!

----- Change Log -----
-The floofy gold part at the base of the handle was streamlined and looks a lot better!
-The floofy gold part at the base of the magazine was shortened and looks quite a bit better and less odd!
-It is difficult to see from the Unity lighting, but the blacks are a whole lot darker and smoother!
-I fixed a small issue with the Military Magazine Metallic parts not matching the gold entirely (There were some strange ghosts floating about...ooooOOOOooo spooky)

Hi all! It has been a long while since I uploaded to the Unturned workshop, but this is what I have been working on! :D I will hopefully have the complimentary shirt posted tomorrow! :D

The skin is inspired by the real world animal, the honey badger, it also has an aspect of the Honey Badger Meme. :)

I am sorry for the slightly wonky colors, unity's lighting was a bit strange and I couldn't get it to look just right. (If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know! The gold is more golden, and the black is a tad darker) Also unity doesn't show it, but all of the gold parts are shiny! :D

This skin took a long time to get working and have all of design line up across all of the attachments and on the base parts of the weapon skin. There are a total of 20 textured items!

I made an attachment skin for the 7x Scope, 8x Scope, 16x Scope, Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, Kobra Sight, Iron Sights, Chevron Scope, Cross Scope, Military Magazine, Military Tracer Magazine, Military Explosive Magazine, Military Drum Magazine, Vertical Grip, Horizontal Grip, Bipod, Laser Sight, Tactical Light, and Rangefinder. (plus the honeybadger skin XD)

For those of you too lazy to zoom in or can't read the text above the magazine, it says "Honey Badger Don't Care" and then shows a small pair of sunglasses.

As always, any and all feedback and comments are appreciated! :D <3