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Better Looking Garbs
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Better Looking Garbs is a portrait overhaul mod combining portrait DLC and custom new material to add diversity in clothing and styles for many of the games cultures. The faces, clothing, hair and beard-styles of each source has been recombined to create new portraits.
These new portraits fill the holes still unserviced with cosmetic DLC and add gradations to the existing portrait sets.
In addition to the portraits there are updates to the army and councillor avatar models.
While based around the use of DLC assets these are not required, an installer will add dependent parts of the mod selectively.

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Full pre-installed version


The installer will selectively add DLC dependent files and compatibility add-ons to the mod based on your installation.
  1. Open Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/
  2. Extract only the file betterlookinggarbsinstall.exe (Windows) or (Linux/Mac).
  3. Run betterlookinggarbsinstall.exe or "bash".
  4. Repeat the installation when the mod is updated to a newer version.

If you use overhaul mods or want to customize BLG, you can find the add-on submods inside; Extract the pair of a .mod file and directory to use it.
  • If you use the HIP SWMH mod, play with both Better Looking Garbs and the BLG/CC for SWMH mod.
  • If you use the HIP Extended Mechanics & Flavor mod, play with both Better Looking Garbs and the BLG/CC for EMF mod.
  • Both HIP add-ons should be used if applicable. CPR+ will not be compatible with BLG.
  • If you use the CK2Plus mod, play with both Better Looking Garbs and the BLG/CC for CK2Plus mod.
  • If you use the When The World Stopped Making Sense mod, play with both Better Looking Garbs and the BLG/CC for WTWSMS mod.
  • If you use the The Winter King, play with both Better Looking Garbs and the BLG/CC for The Winter King mod.
  • If you use the Game of Thrones mod, play with both Better Looking Garbs and the BLG for A Game of Thrones mod.
  • If you use the Lux Invicta mod, play with both Better Looking Garbs and the BLG/CC for Lux Invicta mod.
  • If you use a different mod with non-standard cultures, play with both Better Looking Garbs and the BLG/CC generic compatibility mod.
  • If you want to play for achievements, play with both Better Looking Garbs and the BLG/CC with ironman achievements mod. This disables several portraits.
  • If you dislike the wounding and disease graphics, play with both Better Looking Garbs and the no disease mod.

Reporting errors:

When reporting errors name the relevant cultures where the problem occurs.
In case of game crashes look in Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/log/error.log.
In case of installation errors look in Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/betterlookinggarbs.log.


* Over 60 portrait sets with several additional early, late and religious variants.
* 5 Vanilla face sets before portrait packs.
* 15 Vanilla clothing sets.
* Improved vanilla Muslim faces in Arabic and African variations.
* Additional beards for the western and Muslim sets.
* Dynamic child portraits with hair/eye colour and size scaling.
* Helmet and armour variants for higher ranking nobles of most outfits.
* Replacements and additions to the religious clothing.
* Additional effects for wounds, diseases and other traits.
* Artifacts and pets can appear in the portrait.
* Expanded set of backgrounds and their selection logic.
* Selection of hair- and beardstyles based on updated numbers and criteria.
* Many tweaks to selection of headgear and clothing.
* Customize Appearance decision to pick your own outfit and look.
* Script to increase ethnic diversity of newly spawned characters.
* Script to select the look of mixed offspring.
* Lighting and colour adjustment for several portrait pack faces such as Berber and Norse.
* Rebalanced unit graphical weights to increase diversity and tone down special units.
* New unit pack recombinations.
* More variations of the vanilla unit models.
* Vanilla unit models are replaced with early unit packs when available.
* Added missing holy order cavalry model combinations.
* Councillor avatar model packs are recombined for additional cultures and religions.
* Holy order units are also serve as marshall avatars.


Update to 3.1.0
Added Elder Kings compatibility submod.
Updated portrait backgrounds with more graphics from the new default set and other additions.
Added the background window frames as a new layer for more combination possibilities.
Updated remaining chins.
Block scepters and such when society clothing has staves or spears.
Dukes of non-European cultures get a wider selection of headgear,
opening up royal clothing to dukes in balance.
Swap default bear type to brown bears.
Reorganized portrait properties into separate files.
Changed parts of the West-African faces with less bulky replacements.
Replaced more of the West-African beards and hair with East-African versions.
Add a lesser glow for friends besides the lovers and rivals.

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Problem with clothes and headgear
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Crusader helmet bug
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Nendur  [ผู้สร้าง] 23 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา 
@Jaime Lannister: Multiple portrait overhauls will be incompatible.
@benedu3095: I don't think there is a noticeable performance difference. The no disease effect submod removes the various effect graphics.
benedu3095 23 พ.ค. @ 6:19pm 
Hey man great mod. Quick questions: This mod doesn't decrease performance right? How can I remove the visual effects of traits such as depressed, stressed, etc.
Jaime Lannister 23 พ.ค. @ 5:42pm 
Is this mod compatible with the Portrait Compilation Mod?
Adam Joseph 23 พ.ค. @ 7:54am 
Thanks a lot.
Nendur  [ผู้สร้าง] 22 พ.ค. @ 10:40am 
In common/defines/zBLG.lua, remove the PORTRAIT_ADULT lines.
Adam Joseph 22 พ.ค. @ 8:53am 
Is there a simple way to restore vanila's portraits of children?
G.Strategos 21 พ.ค. @ 3:39am 
Good to know. I haven't seen anything unit related in interface, so I though just deleting the gfx folder would suffice. But I'll recheck. I'm using another Unit submod, that's why I'm trying to eradicate any issues. Thanks for the quick reply!
Nendur  [ผู้สร้าง] 20 พ.ค. @ 3:24pm 
The hungarian portraits are in interface/portraits_hungarian.gfx, you can change the non-headgear serbsouthslavic to ugric.
The unit changes are around interface too, unfortunately those don't have consistent names.
G.Strategos 20 พ.ค. @ 11:58am 
@Nendur I have 2 questions:
1)Could you please tell me how to revert vanilla portraits (faces) for Hungarians? it's kinda weird but unique, so I'd like to give them a go. Just for testing.
2) All the Unit pack changes you made are in gfx/models right? So if I want to remove them, I should only delete this specific folder ?
sahartaxel24 19 พ.ค. @ 8:56am 
could you make the andals in the agot submod use the frankish gfx?