swemoney's Twitch Collection 1.4
Mostly, I've included things in this collection in the order they should be added to your game. A couple of things to keep in mind, though.

Make sure "MISC" Core and HugsLibs are loaded at the very top.

"What the Hack?!" should be above "Psychology".

"Human Alien Races 2.0" should be above "Androids".

"A Dog Said" and "LBE's A Dog Said Easy Patcher" are loaded (in that order) above all of the Vanilla Animals Expanded patches.

"Cybernetic Warfare" and "Cybernetic Organism" mods will give you a warning explaining where they need to be loaded. They should be in that order, above "Expanded Prosthetics".

For all of the "Vanilla Expanded" mods, make sure "Vanilla Furniture Expanded" is above the rest of them. You might need to move a couple of the other ones around too if you're seeing errors.

"VGT Vegetable Garden" comes with a handful of extra mods that all start with VGT. Make sure VGT Vegetable Garden is above all of these other VGT mods.

Twitch Toolkit needs to (obviously) go above the TwitchToolkit Lootbox patch.

Have fun!
รายการ (137)
สร้างโดย UnlimitedHugs
This is a library that provides shared functionality for other mods.
For best results, make sure that HugsLib comes right after Core in your mod load order.

Also includes the Log Publisher: press Ctrl+F12 to upload your Rimworld logs and get a link...
Miscellaneous 'CORE'
สร้างโดย Haplo_X1
*** This mod contains various core functions for other Miscellaneous parts. ***
*** It must be loaded before the other parts! ***

The following video shows all that Miscellaneous can add to your game:
What the hack?!
สร้างโดย roolo
What better way is there to take revenge on mechanoids than to hack them, and use them as your own combat slaves? What the Hack!? adds a large amount of balanced mid-to end-game content involving hacking and upgrading mechanoids, world quests, crafting an ...
Humanoid Alien Races 2.0
สร้างโดย erdelf

A framework for the creation of new alien races in Rimworld

If you ever thought that the racial diversity in rimworld is... not that diverse and you want to change that, you came to the right place. This framework allows to easi...
สร้างโดย ChJees
A race of humanlike robots which are mostly female in model variety.

Make SURE you got Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 installed and activated BEFORE this mod! -->
Order: Core --> Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 --> Android

A race of humanlike rob...
A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics
สร้างโดย spoonshortage
Adds prosthetics/bionics and surgeries for VANILLA animals.
MODDED animals only supported if a patch for said mod is available.
NO new save needed

THIS IS COMPATIBLE WITH EPOE and RBSE, no patches needed!
it has also been made compatible in
LBE's A Dog Said Easy Patcher
สร้างโดย lbeaston
Normal users need only load this mod after A Dog Said (Regular, Lite, Or No Crafting) - N.B. It will only affect mods that have added support for the easy patcher.

This mod adds an easy non-invasive way to add A Dog Said compatibility to animal mods.
VGP Vegetable Garden
สร้างโดย dismarzero
Vegetable Garden

Hello! And welcome to the new vegetable garden!

Smaller pieces, easier to drop things you don't like, and enjoy more the things you like!

Wanna support the mod? Buy me a Coffee! [ko-fi.com]
VGP Garden Drinks
สร้างโดย dismarzero
Garden Drinks (Requires Vegetable Garden loaded first)

Wanna support the mod? Buy me a Coffee! [ko-fi.com]
Large news will be on the Collections top page.

Heavily uses Cupro's and Kubouch barrel system of f...
VGP Garden Fabrics
สร้างโดย dismarzero
Garden Fabrics (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

There is now a Simpler version of this mod out!!
Garden Fabrics Simplified:

Wanna support the mod? [url=http://ko-fi.com/A4051PB...
VGP Garden Gourmet
สร้างโดย dismarzero
VGP Garden Gourmet (Requires Vegetable Garden, loaded first)

Wanna support the mod? Buy me a Coffee! [ko-fi.com]
Large news will be on the Collections top page.

Garden Gourmet adds a bunch of new worktables...
VGP Garden Medicine
สร้างโดย dismarzero
Garden Medicine (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Adds new Medicines and Drugs.

-Flu Ez a drug for blocking flu.
-Ibuprofen a drug for reducing pain.
-Antibiotics for reducing the amount of time for being sick.

Make Neutroamine. Grow Neutro-F...
VGP Garden Resources
สร้างโดย dismarzero
Garden Resources (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Wanna support the mod? Buy me a Coffee! [ko-fi.com]
Large news will be on the Collections top page.

Research Resource Plants:
-Steel Shrooms
-Plasteel ...
VGP Garden Tools
สร้างโดย dismarzero
Garden Tools (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Wanna support the mod? Buy me a Coffee! [ko-fi.com]
Large news will be on the Collections top page.

Adds Many Tool into the Garden Tool category.

-Adds 3 s...
VGP More Veggies
สร้างโดย dismarzero
More Veggies! (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Adds even MORE vegetables into the game for those who just want some new plants, this is a perfect mod for you!

Adds :

VGP Soylent Production
สร้างโดย dismarzero
Adds Soylent Production... (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Wanna support the mod? Buy me a Coffee! [ko-fi.com]
Large news will be on the Collections top page.

A more advance version of the mod.

- The...
VGP Xtra Trees and Flowers
สร้างโดย dismarzero
Xtra Trees and Flowers (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Wanna support the mod? Buy me a Coffee! [ko-fi.com]
Large news will be on the Collections top page.

Adds EVEN MORE flowers and trees! From the Xtr...
Vanilla Furniture Expanded
สร้างโดย Oskar Potocki

1.0.0b (11/06/2019): Minor bugfixes.
1.0.0a (05/05/2019): Fixed several bugs. Happy birthday to me.
1.0.0 (20/04/2019): Release


I have always found vanilla fur...
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security
สร้างโดย Oskar Potocki

Before we begin, a massive thank you to my team. You all have been super inspiring, and your ideas and feedback are br...
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Medical Module
สร้างโดย Oskar Potocki

1.0.0a (05/05/2019): Fixed several bugs.
1.0.0 (20/04/2019): Release


This module is a part of Vanilla Furniture Expanded which can be downloaded below.

Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer Module
สร้างโดย Atlas
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer module adds several new pieces of furniture to allow players to witness better technological progress in regards to comfort and utility furniture. Repair shelves, Biolab sunlamps and reinforced walls will spice your ...
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Livestock
สร้างโดย Oskar Potocki


1.2.4 (08/12/2019): Nerfed Yak wool.
1.2.1a (26/07/2019): Integrated patch for [T] More Floors, thanks to Xavien.
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Arid Shrubland
สร้างโดย Oskar Potocki



1.0.1 (30/10/2019): Altered Hippo and Giraffe to give 15% less meat and leather.
1.0.0 (17/08/2019): Release
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Cats and Dogs
สร้างโดย Oskar Potocki


1.0.1 (09/10/2019): Adjusted German Shepherd to be omnivorous - can now eat kibble. Hunger rate doubled.
1.0.0 (...
advanced powergeneration v1
สร้างโดย sisco
orginal mod creator sulusdacor

ive just updated the mod for v1 hope he doesnt mind


Adds advanced windturbine, advanced solar panels, advanced geothermal and advanced nuclear power plants. All must be researched before they can be build....
Advanced Shield Belts
สร้างโดย dninemfive
Adds three new shield belts, the Quick-Recharge Shield Belt, the Heavy Shield Belt, and the Ranged Shield Belt. As their names imply, the first recharges more quickly, the second has a higher max charge, and the last one allows the wearer to use ranged wea...
Allow Tool
สร้างโดย UnlimitedHugs
A set of tools to make your life on the Rim a bit easier.
Easily forbid and unforbid items, select similar things, have things hauled urgently and affect the entire map with powerful new tool extensions.

Allow Tool can be safely added to existing games.

สร้างโดย larSyn
This mod is no longer supported. Feel free to use any assets from the mod in any way, as long as you give credit. If someone wants to takeover and update please let me know. Thanks for all the support!

Build structures from ancient tim...
Animal Food Restrictions
สร้างโดย Jaxe
Unlocks food restrictions for animals which can be changed in the health tab.

There is not much more I want to do to this mod, for more advanced handling of Food Restrictions (and other rules) please check out my mod [url=https://steamcommunity.com/shar...
Animal Variety Coats
สร้างโดย cucumpear
Ever wondered if animals really should all have the same shades?
I sure did, so I utilized the assembly from Animal Collab Project to give vanilla animals a bit of variation. The assembly was created by thirite and has been updated by Xen.
Some of you ma...
สร้างโดย Xen
Adds over fifty animals into the game for every biome and environment! From Ice Sheets to Extreme Deserts, bring your game to life with some more critters!

You can find us on Ludeon Forums and Steam with more information and fun extras!

Special t...
AnimalCollabProj Patch Pack
สร้างโดย Owlchemist
Contains a few patches for AnimalCollabProj. Only relevant patches will be applied based on your mod configuration.

The [url=https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?...
Apparello 2
สร้างโดย Shinzy
If you still wish to play with the old alpha/beta versions you can grab them from the forums!

Tons of new clothing, complete with stat bonuses and whatnot!
Most of the crafting is locked behind their own research. If crafting and research ain'...
Better Pawn Control
สร้างโดย VouLT
A RimWorld mod that allows to set colonists and animals to outfits, areas, drugs, food in one single action. Setup different policies and switch at will.

Rating keeps a mod alive, so if you like this mod, please rate it, thanks!

- Fix...
Better Workbench Management
สร้างโดย falconne
NOTE: Most of what this mod did has now been integrated into vanilla. This version just adds in the features that have not been included in vanilla. The mod description below and the screenshots will be updated soon to reflect the new, cut down mod.

สร้างโดย NukaFrog
Add Living Battery - BioReactor

- Produces electricity from Living Thing.
- Use food type as fuel.
- If desired, storage thing can be melted into chemfuel.
- Storage thing are preserved semi-permanently. ( Like crypto cas...
สร้างโดย Fluffy
Blueprints allow the quick construction of repetitive rooms/areas.

Create blueprint
Use the ‘Create’ designator to drag over an area with existing constructions. Floors, walls and furniture will all be designated, and included in...
Centralized Climate Control
สร้างโดย ColdToad
Centralized Air Cooling/Heating System for RimWorld. Build Large Piped Air Climate Systems away from your buildings.


This mod is no longer maintained. Due to recent life changes, It is hard to find time for this mod. The license has be...
Children, school and learning
สร้างโดย Dylan
Version 1.4.5


Requires at least HugsLib 5.0.0

Load order
// HugsLib
// Children, school and learning

// Birds&Bees (not required, but has to be after Children if used - has more fertility related ...
Colony Manager
สร้างโดย Fluffy
Colony Manager allows you to make colonists do the more tedious parts of managing a colony, making sure you’re never out of vital resources again*.

Requires a new save game.
Adds a worktype, which is stored in the world, which m...
Color Coded Mood Bar
สร้างโดย semTex.
Color code each pawn's mood bar within the colonist bar based on their current mood.

Red: extreme mental break threshold
Orange: major mental break threshold
Yellow: minor mental break threshold
Gray: neutral mood
Light Blue: content
Green: happy
Concrete Walls
สร้างโดย Poroh
Adds really strong walls, embrasures and doors.
And Concrete slabs for building this walls and other stone stuff from vanilla and other mods.
And one research for crafting it in Electric smelter.

Concrete wall about 5 times stronger than a stone wall....
Conduit Deconstruct
สร้างโดย TheWireLord
This mod was designed to help those players, like myself, that find it annoying to have to delete a single power conduit at a time.

With this mod you will be able to not only view your entire power grid (like the blue lines that show up only when using...
Damage Indicators
สร้างโดย Spdskatr
A simple QoL mod that throws a mote of the damage taken.

(Oh look it's skullywag)


Currently shows:
Melee attack misses
Personal shield absorption
Regular damage...
Door Mat R1.0
สร้างโดย dracoix 🐉
ORIGINAL WORKSHOP URL: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727309536

For your cleaning needs.

Ported to B19 and 1.0 by dracoix.

Want something more powerful?
สร้างโดย Jaxxa
Links to all my mods including non steam versions available at: https://github.com/jaxxa/JaxxaRimworldReleaseCollection/blob/master/README.md

Adds embrasures for that can be shot through, while blocking passage, giving your colonists a...
สร้างโดย Jaxxa
Links to all my mods including non steam versions available at: https://github.com/jaxxa/JaxxaRimworldReleaseCollection/blob/master/README.md

Please Check the Mod Settings by going into the Options, Selecting "Mod Options" and then "ED...
EdB Prepare Carefully
สร้างโดย edbmods
Customize your RimWorld colonists, choose your gear and prepare carefully for your crash landing! Use the optional point limits to try to create a balanced start or keep points disabled to build the starting group that you always wanted to try. Save your...
Electric Stonecutting Table
สร้างโดย Cocaine™
This mod adds an electrically powered version of the stone cutting table that works at 175% of normal vanilla speed.
Power shortages will knock your stonecutting speed down below the unpowered bench.

Requires research so the normal stone cutting table ...
ETRT: Industrial Tweaks
สร้างโดย Evil Tactician
Stand-alone Release of Industrial Tweaks

Part of:

Industrial Tweaks
- Smelting steel slags now gives 50 steel. (...
Cybernetic Warfare and Special Weapons
สร้างโดย Trunken
Version 1.0: Release (Special Weapons)
Version 1.1: Power Fist with Knockback, Pummel and Stun added (XND mechanics)
Version 1.2: Combat Extended Patch included (CE Ready)
Version 1.3: Equipment requirements: Cyberware (CONN)...
Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network
สร้างโดย Trunken
Version 1.0: Release (Medical Expansion) + Android Support
Version 1.1: Bionics for all Body parts + Eyeball Collection + Berserker Chip with Mental State

Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
สร้างโดย Ykara
MULTILINGUAL - There is support for English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Korean and Russian. It will automatically detect the language of your game, you don't have to change anything.

Foxes Aren't Suicidal
สร้างโดย Thundercraft
This reduces the {maxPreyBodySize} of foxes, preventing them from preying on humans (such as your colonists) or large animals.

For the sake of realism, it also changes the {foodType} to make them omnivores and egg-eaters instead of strict carnivores.
Giddy-up! Core
สร้างโดย roolo
The core files for the Giddy-up! series. Does not add anything on its own but the other mods in the series depend on it. The purpose of this series is to add mounting in as many aspects of the game as possible. Each mod released in the series will f...
Giddy-up! Mechanoids
สร้างโดย roolo
If it's possible to hack mechanoids with the What the Hack!? mod, why limit yourself to riding animals if you can ride deadly machines to battle. And why limit yourself to letting humans ride if you can let mechanoids ride animals, or other mechanoids! Thi...
สร้างโดย NanoCE
Looking for rimworld artist. I will pay for artwork if you have examples of work or can prove yourself capable
Artwork of all types is welcome, from aliens to walls. Please message me or dm me on github, thanks.
This mod ...
สร้างโดย Orion
Allows you to host, entertain and recruit visitors.

Have you been wondering what the point of visiting factions is? Look no further, this mod is the answer.

- Convince visitors to join your faction!
- Increase factio...
Incident Person Stat
สร้างโดย Vaniat
Add more details of person's stats on the following incidents window:
wanderer join
chased refugee
incapacitated refugee quest
prisoner rescue quest

Interaction Bubbles
สร้างโดย Jaxe
Wouldn't it be great if you could read character interactions? Well you can, in the social log... or with

Interaction Bubbles

Shows bubbles when characters perform a social interaction with the text that would normally only be...
Level Up!
สร้างโดย krafs
Get notified when pawns level up (or down)!

- Message
- Letter
- Animation
- Sound Effect

Toggle the ones you want in the mod settings.

- Safe to add ...
Medical Tab
สร้างโดย Fluffy
Adds a comprehensive medical overview tab, showing your colonists’ health at a glance.

Does not require a new save game Can safely be enabled/disabled in ongoing saves.

Shows vital medical statistics for Colonists, An...
MineItAll - unofficial
สร้างโดย Velc[JP]
- Click on a visible ore and you will mine the whole vein
- Strip mining tool to mine a grid
- Mine brush tool (use q and e to modify brush sizing)

Original MOD http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821866381
Misc. Robots
สร้างโดย Haplo_X1
This mod adds some robots to buy from traders:

- Haulingbot
A small drone to help you hauling stuff around
- Cleaningbot
A small robot to help keeping your home clean

The source code for all Miscellaneous mods can be found on my Gi...
Misc. Robots++
สร้างโดย Aion Algos
Robots? Y u no Robots++ also!?
More Robots!!!
More Better!!!

Contains multi-talented robots to serve your colony. It also adds a research tab, materials, and a new Robotics workbench for crafting the Misc. Robots and Robots++ objects.
Mod Manager
สร้างโดย Fluffy
Managing mods should be easy!

A cleaner, better Mod management screen.

- separate lists for available and active mods
- create and delete local copies of steam mods
- create and load mod list backups
- load mod list from save games
More Harvest Designators!
สร้างโดย NavySeal
Adds 3 new designators regarding plant-management:

Chop mature trees only.
Harvest fully grown plants only.
Cut blighted plants only.

Safe to add/remove to existing savegames.

Now with Translation Support! Contact me via steam if you...
More Slaves [1.0]
สร้างโดย Ziehn
Tired of calling in a slaver only to find that they bring one slave?

Not only do they bring one slave but this slave is also a pessimistic pyro with a heart condition?!

Well now you have more options, i've increased trader slave count by roughly [b...
More Trade Ships
สร้างโดย PinoChemicali
Increases the rate at which orbital trade ships appear.

Can be added or removed without starting a new game.

If you are using an older version of Rimworld, you can get an older version of this mod from Nexusmods....
สร้างโดย Mehni
Adds a customizable general overview tab, allowing you to see any stats on all your colonists or prisoners in a single window. Quickly compare colonists to see who your best doctor is, or to assign gear optimally.

- Customizable ove...
Outdoor Lighting
สร้างโดย Stormknight
Introduces a number of options for outdoor lighting.

Your colonists move slower and work slower when they are in the dark, but having a network of standing lamps around the gardens and outside of your base is a drain on power when they are busy working ...
Progress Renderer
สร้างโดย Lanilor
Do you like sharing your base's development with really cool screenshots? Then this is the mod for you!
This mod automatically creates renderings (so screenshots without the annoying UI) of the entire map or a chosen part like your base while you...
สร้างโดย The Word-Mule
Doesn't require a new save!
Mod options available!
B19 version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1499800980

"This is the absolute best mod for Rimworld. It adds innumerable layers of depth other mods could never ho...
สร้างโดย Hatti
With QualityBuilder all buildings that have quality (beds, tables etc) will only be build by the best builder to ensure the best outgoing quality. Every other constructor will be able to bring in the materials, but only the best one will build it.

If yo...
สร้างโดย Hatti
Only the doctor with the best surgey success chance will perform surgeries.
If he is the one on the table, the next best one will perform the operation.

Of course, only doctors with some movement and manipulation can perform surgeries!. If your doctor ...
Realistic Rooms
สร้างโดย Crlsniper
Lowers the required room sizes to better match realistic sizes of a house. This is also for those who like smaller packed bases. This mod was sugested by Gwazi Magnum.

Note: For anyone curious it does work with the new Multiplayer Mod

You can now pi...
Reasonable Components V1
สร้างโดย TwistedPacifist
This alters the recipe for making Components and Advance Components by reducing cost and work as well as adding new 5,10,25,50 and 100 bulk recipes for regular components and 5,10,25 bulk recipes for advanced components.

The required resources scale wit...
Recipe icons
สร้างโดย AUTOMATIC
Adds icons for various menus in the game, including "Add Bill". Supports other mods out of the box.

Clicking on the icon will show information dialog for related item (previously, you'd click on the (i) icon for that).

Safe to add and...
Relations Tab
สร้างโดย Fluffy
Replaces the faction tab with a relations tab. The relations tab shows, in a very graphical way, relations between your colonists and with other factions.

In games with many faction mods or a lot of colonists, the dynamic displays may ‘expl...
สร้างโดย Charlotte
Smooth painless research

This is a fork of ResearchTree by Fluffy. Main difference is when the tree is generated and the tree layout. The tree is generated when RimWorld is loading, you won't get interrupted by the tab. The denser layout helps with the ...
สร้างโดย Jaxe
RimHUD is a UI mod that displays a detailed information about a selected character or creature. The HUD display is integrated into the inspect pane which can be resized to fit the additional information. Alternatively the HUD can a separate floating...
Roof Support 1.0
สร้างโดย Match
Updated from Beta 19 to 1.0. This mod will allow you to build patios, covered walkways, or massive rooms without collapsing the ceiling.These supports do not impede movement, nor provide cover. When using beneath a mountain, don't forget to use the build r...
Room Sense
สร้างโดย falconne
Toggleable panels to show relevant room stats, such as beauty, cleanliness, etc, over appropriate rooms using graphical meters and optionally a coloured overlay.


Essentially it gives you a faster overview of what the environment inspection tool do...
RT Solar Flare Shield
สร้างโดย Ratysz
Researchable (RT Mods research tab) magnetic shield to protect colony electronics from solar flares. The device heats up considerably while engaged, so plan accordingly!

Does not require a new colony to add or remove (might throw a one-time error).

สร้างโดย roolo
Your colonists can never be a true Rambo if they cannot gun while they are running. Therefore, this mod adds a mode that, when enabled, allows drafted colonists and NPC pawns to shoot while moving at the cost of an accuracy and movement penalty . ...
SF [v1.0] Rain Removes All Filth
สร้างโดย Shotgunfrenzy
A simple patch that allows rain to remove filth such as dirt, sand and animal filth, Gives your vegeta-- I mean cleaner, a little bit less work when it's raining

Code and art done by myself: shotgunfrenzy

Support me on patreon here:
Shield Generators by Frontier Developments
สร้างโดย Jetpack Maniac
Version: 1.2.1


Ludeon Forum Thread: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=37160.msg380159#msg380159

Support ModSync Ninja!
Translations included for Russian, Japanese, and French.

日本の説明: https://g...
Show Draftees Weapon
สร้างโดย Targhetti
Shows a pawn's weapon icon on the colonist bar.

When a pawn has been drafted their equipped weapon icon will display under the pawn's avatar on the colonist banner. New mod settings have been added to allow weapons to be shown regardless of a pa...
Simple sidearms
สร้างโดย PeteTimesSix
With the invention of pockets comes the idea of bringing EVEN MORE WEAPONS. Because your snipers are getting really tired of getting shanked.

See forum thread for details.

Non-steam version and old ...
Smart Medicine
สร้างโดย Uuugggg
Doctors can hold and use medicine from their inventory, plus a few more smart things


"Alright, that raider base was tough, but we killed them all and we can recover here for a day"

"I'm going to rest until healed"

"I will patch up that woun...
Stack XXL
สร้างโดย Indeed
Stack XXL

Increase the stack sizes however you wish!
Want 10x, 20x or even 100x? Want to set different stack sizes for meat, meals, and resources?
You came to the right place!

Requirement: HugsLib

Where's the gravel? - Grayscale Edition
สร้างโดย Faeldray
This is the gray version of the texture. See the original texture here.

Simply replaces the default gravel texture with one that's easier to see. Why would you want to k...
While You're Up [1.0]
สร้างโดย kevlou
"So long Bob, I'm heading back home for some food!"

"OK Jim. Hey, while you're heading over there, mind hauling some of this wood we chopped?"

"Can't do it Bob, I'm cooking now. More important than hauling."

"But Jim, you're literally walking...
[1.0] Deep Ore Identifier
สร้างโดย Dingo
Allows for easy identification of deep ores.


When using the Ground Penetrating Scanner, mouse over highlighted ore veins to identify their type.

You can toggle the text background in Options > Mod Setting...
[FSF] Indoor Tree Farms
สร้างโดย FrozenSnowFox

This mod patches the parent def Treebase to make various changes to growing trees. What does this mean? It means every tree in the game and every type of tree added by mods that uses TreeBase will be modified. Below is a list of th...
[FSF] No Default Shelf Storage
สร้างโดย FrozenSnowFox

By default the settings on the storage shelf is set to priority Important and to accept weapons. This causes weapons to fill up your new racks, causes weapons to get dumped in the middle of the ground to deteriorate when you change...
[KV] More Trait Slots - 1.0
สร้างโดย Kiame Vivacity
"More Trait Slots" is a pretty simple mod. It doesn't add new traits to the game, but it will work well with mods that do, as it allows you to configure the minimum and maximum number of traits that pawns will start with. It also adjusts the character disp...
[KV] Path Avoid - 1.0
สร้างโดย Kiame Vivacity
Path Avoid allows you to "nudge" the pathfinding system for your pawns, to make them prefer and avoid different areas. Use it to make your pawns follow pathways in your base, or avoid passing through a freezer to get to the other side! Avoidance won't prev...
[KV] RimFridge - 1.0
สร้างโดย Kiame Vivacity
Adds refrigerated racks to keep food and other perishables cold. Ideal for use in dining rooms, freeing up labour from feeding prisoners, or keeping food on hand for cooks.

Comes in a 1x1, 2x1 and 2x2 versions as well

New for B19: Wall refridgerato...
[KV] Save Storage, Outfit, Crafting, Drug, & Operation Settings - 1.0
สร้างโดย Kiame Vivacity
Save and Load Dump/Stockpile and Outfit settings. Saved settings can be carried over from new games to old saves.

Save, Load, and Append crafting bills from any worktable. Be aware that a work table can only have a max of 15 bills at any time. (unless u...
[KV] Trading Spot - 1.0
สร้างโดย Kiame Vivacity
A designated spot for traders to stop at.

Trading Spot marker is located in the Architecture menu under Misc

This will work in current saves without a problem. To remove the mod, delete the Trading Spot, save, remove the mod, then load ...
[RF] Tribal Pawn Names [1.0]
สร้างโดย Rainbeau Flambe
This mod overhauls tribal pawn naming. Why? Well, the tribal names in the game have always felt a bit... "off" to me. It's probably nothing more than my own unfamiliarity with the cultures from which the names are drawn, but I always thought they seemed...
[SYR] Bullet Casings
สร้างโดย Syrchalis
Adds bullet casings, which fly out of weapons when fired (visuals!).

While this mod does not add ammo, it does add the appearance of ammo being used by throwing empty casings out of weapons when they are fired. Default casings are assau...
[SYR] Metallic Batteries
สร้างโดย Syrchalis
Adds batteries made of different metals with different stats.

[img]https://i.imgur.com/YFPbsXe.png[/img] Steel battery
The vanilla battery, costs a bit more steel but only one component. Very cheap and effective.

[SYR] Scar Removal
สร้างโดย Syrchalis
Allows removing of scars for glitterworld medicine

Brain injuries also require any artifact to fix. Alzheimer's, dementia and frailty can also be removed for increasing amounts of glitterworld medicine.

This is supposed to be a very s...
Labels on Floor
สร้างโดย falconne
Draws the names of rooms, stockpiles and growing zones as labels on the floor, like Prison Architect does.

-- Features
* Names are drawn on the floor, so they will not obscure items and furniture on top of them.
* Rooms can be renamed using a button o...
Better Vanilla Masking
สร้างโดย Owlchemist
This is a small mod which simply enables masking on some vanilla buildings. As it turns out, the masks were already there, they just weren't being used. This was probably because many of the masks were just a few pixels off here and there and never got fix...
Sometimes Raids Go Wrong
สร้างโดย Marvin
Ever wished that a raid would just go horribly wrong?

This mod allows storytellers to add a random and sometimes hilarious twist to a raid.

Random storytellers get a second roll of the dice and take the lowest (worst) result for the raiders.

On a...
Fahrenheit and Celsius
สร้างโดย Kosaro
Displays both fahrenheit and celsius in the temperature display.

Which is displayed first depends on the temperature setting in the options.

Most of the game guides and wikis tend to discuss the game in celsius, but I only really understand temp...
สร้างโดย Dubwise
Nuclear power | Energy weapons | Nuclear weapons

WORKS WITH MULTIPLAYER If you have the old zetrith 0.4.4 version you MUST upgrade to 0.4.8 or newer on their new github or from steam, else the control slid...
สร้างโดย Dubwise
Drill for oil, process into chemfuel, plastic, composites, napalm

Works with existing saves.

If you have the old version of zetriths multiplayer mod the console ui will fail to draw, update to the latest version on steam

Rimefeller adds:
สร้างโดย Pelador

Building structures (Walls and doors) with thermal insulation properties.


Provides a means to place thermal insulation materials into structure items that help with reducing the transfer rates of heat IG. There...
Replace Stuff
สร้างโดย Uuugggg
Place buildings anywhere, on top of existing things, and the game will handle it

- Replace the stuff that the building is made from ( replace a wooden wall with slate wall )
- Upgrade things: like doors to autodoors, beds to bigger beds, workben...
สร้างโดย spare some hodl please
Ignore the Reviews. I take all feedback seriously. Join my discord and tell me what you don't like it. This mod was in BETA and was very broken. I uploaded it here so my BETA testers could help me solve those bugs and not have to manually update each time....
Toolkit - Lootboxes
สร้างโดย spare some hodl please
Adds daily lootboxes to your Toolkit Stream. Viewers get one lootbox when they join stream for the first time in the day. They can then use !openlootbox to get a random amount of coins 250 - 750.

You can also give viewers lootboxes with !givelootbox @u...
TwitchToolkit - More !mypawn Commands
สร้างโดย Fette Sandratte
Adds new commands for your viewers. No more "Can you show my health tab please?", "What weapon do I have?" and so on. Can be added to an existing save. Place below TwitchToolkit. Requires HugsLib.

Lists all weapons and apparel ...
Toolkit - Channel Points
สร้างโดย swemoney
This mod allows your viewers to exchange their Twitch Channel Points for Toolkit coins.

Just throw this mod after TwitchToolkit in your load order and everything should be good to go.

Setup Instructions:

1. Create a custom reward in your Chann...
Simple Search Bar
สร้างโดย gguake
This mod adds simple search bar to below list.
- stockpile, bill filter
- caravan, transporter dialog
- trade dialog

Maybe compatible other mods and old saves.
(this mod not affects your saves)

Place anywhere below Core.

Source code: https://g...
Dubs Mint Menus
สร้างโดย Dubwise
Adds new list boxes for recipe bills, health bills, plant selection, architect menu, research menu, and a quick select menu for designators, making it easier to find things when lots of mods are running.

New Mint wheel, a floating designator sele...
สร้างโดย Brrainz
You want more zoom and different paning? This little mod enhances the in-game camera so you can zoom in much more than usual. Perfect for this one great screenshot or for showing your viewers all the details while streaming.

When you download...
Life Support
สร้างโดย KongMD
This mod adds the Life Support System building. It's a linkable to beds that will prevent a pawn from dying if they lose organs. It requires power to run. I took this building from the mod 'Questionable Ethics' and made it a standalone mod to increa...
Vanilla Fences
สร้างโดย Nif

GREAT NEWS! I figured out how to make doors rotatable. Woohoo!

Not so great news... I won't be updating this mod anymore. I'm currently working on a bigger project which also includes this mod. in other word...
[O21] Anti-Infestation Thumper
สร้างโดย Neronix17
This mod was made in approx. 6 hours, I expect there to be at least a couple issues/conflicts so if there are any just remember to include a Hugslib log (Ctrl + F12) with exactly what happens described to the best of your ability.

Adds a single ...
Medical Dissection
สร้างโดย Fette Sandratte
Every wondered what to do with those piles of dead pirates? Your doctors are still training by installing ped legs on prisoners? Then you need a dissection table in your game!

- Performing dissections allows your doctors to train their medicin...
Questionable Ethics Enhanced
สร้างโดย KongMD
Questionable Ethics Enhanced (QEE) is a content mod that adds cloning and pawn manipulation features to Rimworld. See the Change Notes tab in Steam Workshop or the Github repository[github.com] for ...
สร้างโดย user19990313
RuntimeGC In-Game Cleaner
for 1.0 (build 2059/2096)

This mod supports the following languages : English,繁簡中文,日本語,German,Spanish.

This mod is also published on Ludeon Forum.
Click [url=https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=46581.msg4426...
Startup impact
สร้างโดย AUTOMATIC
Measures how long it takes for mods to load. Use the button in main menu to view statistics.

This mod must be first in the mod list to work properly. You can put it into positions other than first, but then total loading time and ...
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Core
สร้างโดย XeoNovaDan


1.1.3 (06/09/2019): Added integration with Dual Wield's settings for shields
1.1.2 (06/09/2019): Improved storyteller-restricted faction generation
1.1.1 (06/09/2...
Wall Light
สร้างโดย Murmur
Place these lights directly on your walls! They must be placed on an 'impassable' tile, facing a passable one. They play very nicely with all sorts of workbenches and furniture. If something happens to the wall you've placed it on, or you build a wall in f...
Better ModMismatch Window
สร้างโดย Madeline
this mod will fix vanila's uncomfortable Mod Mismatch Window to github style.
added mod will be indicated with green color.
removed mod will be indicated with red color.
+ yellow means the version has changed.

this mod doesn't need specific load orde...