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Drongo's Active Protection System
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Drongo's Active Protection System

DAPS is a mod for Arma 3 that adds Active Protection Systems (APS) to vehicles. These systems allow vehicles to intercept incoming rockets, missiles and shells. When the APS triggers, it will also deploy smoke if the vehicle has smoke launchers and turn the turret to face the direction the shot came from. The system works in SP and MP.

By default, vanilla Arma 3 MRAPs, IFVs and MBTs, some RHS vehicles and some CUP and MEC vehicles are protected. Vehicles from mods can easily be added by mission editors.

Download the readme[]

DAPS includes 14 types of APS:

Light: Protection from rockets (2 charges).
Medium: Protection from rockets and missiles (4 charges).
Heavy: Protection from rockets, missiles and tank shells (6 charges).
Trophy LV: Protection from rockets (4 charges left, 4 charges right).
Trophy MV: Protection from rockets and missiles (3 charges left, 3 charges right).
Trophy HV: Protection from rockets and missiles (5 charges left, 5 charges right).
Dazzler: Protection from rockets and missiles that use IR or laser guidance (unlimited charges, 80% chance of working).
Arena: Protection from rockets and missiles (11 charges each side, only covers the front 300 degrees).
Drozd: Protection from rockets and missiles (4 charges each side, only covers the front 60 degrees).
Drozd-2: Protection from rockets and missiles (4 charges each side, only covers the front 120 degrees).
Afganit: Protection from rockets, missiles (5 charges each side, only covers the front 120 degrees).
AfganitE: Protection from rockets, missiles and shells (5 charges each side, only covers the front 120 degrees).
Iron Fist: Protection from rockets and missiles (2 charges left, 2 charges right).
AMAP-ADS: Protection from rockets and missiles and (possibly) HE shells (5 charges left, 5 charges right).

The light, medium and heavy APS are not specifically based on any real-world system, but are intended as generalizations of various systems in use or development. They provide 360 degree protection.

Vanilla NATO and AAF MRAPs use Trophy LV.
Vanilla NATO and AAF IFVs use Trophy MV.
NATO MBTs use Trophy HV.
Vanilla MRAPs use Light.
Vanilla CSAT IFVs use Medium.
The T-100 uses Drozd-2.
The T-140 uses AfganitE.
Some RHS M1 MBT variants use Trophy HV.
Some RHS M2 IFV variants use Trophy MV.
CUP and MEC T-90s use dazzler.
MEC T-72s use dazzler.

Arena, Drozd, Drozd-2 and Afganit/AfganitE can not engage top-attack missiles (basically missiles that are 2 or more meters higher than the vehicle).

AfganitE is capable of stopping tank rounds.

AMAP-ADS is capable of stopping HE tank rounds.

The dazzler does not destroy incoming projectiles, but rather causes those that use IR or laser guidance to veer up and (hopefully) miss the vehicle. Dazzlers have unlimited charges.

Outgoing fire and low-caliber weapons should not trigger the APS. Be warned that firing RPGs while standing next to a friendly vehicle with APS may trigger the friendly APS.

If you have Drongo's Command Enhancement installed, opening the DCE menu will display a hint showing how many APS charges remain in your current vehicle (if APS equipped).

Various scripts are provided for managing the system (enabling, disabling, rearming).

Design Notes
"Hurr durr, we can't figure out how to make APS work and all of our manpower is being used to torture out another buggy iteration of the OFP engine. But you like stupid go-karts and this useless IDAP faction, right?" - Bohemia Interactive

"The first version of DAPS took me 5 hours to make, 2 hours of which was a failed prototype." - Drongo

Can you believe that Bohemia released their Tanks DLC without including APS? In the modern era APS is on the way to becoming a standard feature of armoured warfare (let alone in 2035). Initially I tried to use an incomingMissile eventhandler, but in typical BIS fashion, the results were buggy and unstable. Now the APS uses a tight loop to check for nearby projectiles and then act upon them. Though I try to avoid loops if possible, I couldn't see an elegant solution to the problem. I've tried to make the scripts as light as possible while still retaining functionality.

The number of default charges may seem low on the light, medium and heavy APS, this is largely a gameplay consideration. I wanted to buff AFV survivability, but not make them OP. However, the systems based on real APS (Trophy etc) attempt to mirror the real-life capabilities.

Adding APS to a vehicle class
The vehicle you run that script on must be an empty dummy vehicle. Do this:

1) Place an empty vehicle of the desired class in the editor
2) Put the script in the init line of the empty vehicle
3) Place the player/AI vehicles (of the same class) in the editor (do NOT put the script in their init line)

To explain further, the script reads the classname of the dummy vehicle, then deletes it and applies the selected APS to all vehicles in the mission with the same classname.

Do not run the script on a vehicle that you wish to use in a mission.

Fixed: Arena was incorrectly categorized as a single-arc APS (should be double-arc)
Added: Array "dapsExcludedAmmo" allows specified ammunition classnames to be ignored by APS
Changed: License

Added: Trophy LV, Trophy MV, Iron Fist, AMAP-ADS
Added: Version of Afganit that can not intercept tank shells
Fixed: Trophy had 10 charges each side (now 5)
Fixed: APS was intercepting cruise missiles (now will not engage missiles with a hit config value over 999)
Changed: Trophy is now Trophy HV
Changed: Afganit is now AfganitE (Afganit Enhanced)
Changed: T-140 now uses AfganitE
Tweaked: Detection of top-attack weapons for Russian systems

Added: Drozd, Drozd-2 and Afganit APS
Added: Scripts to easily add new vehicle classes to use APS
Changed: Smoke launchers now check they are at the correct facing before firing
Changed: T-100 now uses Drozd-2
Changed: T-140 now uses Afganit
Changed: Panther IFV now used Trophy
Changed: Ammo management now runs on all clients (for reporting purposes)
Changed: Arena can no longer engage top-attack weapons

Added: Arena APS
Added: Dazzler APS (eg. Shtora)
Added: Dazzlers to CUP and MEC T-90s
Added: Dazzlers to MEC SAA T-72s
Added: Trophy to MEC Merkavas
Added: Registration script now loops to catch spawned vehicles
Added: Various scripts for managing enabling/disabling of APS
Added: Check to reduce smoke launcher spam (minimum 10 seconds between firing smoke launchers)
Fixed: Trophy incorrectly determining which side to fire
Fixed: Disable APS script was not working properly
Changed: NATO and AAF tanks now use Trophy
Changed: T-100 now uses Arena
Tweaked: Light, medium, heavy APS
Tweaked: Pop smoke scripts

Added: Trophy APS
Added: Added Trophy APS to some RHS vehicles (thanks to Damian of RHS)
Added: Better code for detecting 3rd party smoke launchers
Added: Scripts for disabling and rearming APS
Changed: Switched to spawn instead of execVM
Changed: APS reload time is now 0.7 seconds
Other: Various attempts to optimize
Other: Various tweaks and additions

Added: Vehicles now turn to face the direction of the fired projectile
Added: Vehicles now try to pop smoke when the APS activates
Added: NATO, CSAT and AAF MRAPs now have light APS

First release
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★BigShot★ 15 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา 
@Drongo - ah, ok...sounds good & thank you so very much for this! By the way im just curious here... is this also available in script form to put directly into missions instead of @addon? If no then no big deal...thanks again!
Not_Big_Dad_: ( 16 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา 
Infistar......It is usually what I fight with.Thanks Drongo for getting back to me.
Drongo  [ผู้สร้าง] 21 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา 
I looked into this and found a number of bugs, new version coming soon.

BTW everyone, I recently released Drongo's Command Enhancement on Steam, please check it out.
★BigShot★ 17 ก.ย. @ 4:10pm 
Hi...I noticed that if I apply APS to this vehicle :"I_LT_01_AT_F", it's outgoing fire with AT missiles get intercepted by APS. Would you know if there's a way I can stop that from happening?
Drongo  [ผู้สร้าง] 16 ก.ย. @ 5:28pm 
@Not_Big_Dad_: (
It sounds like some anti-cheat is blocking the scripts.

I don't know of any command to turn the turret unfortunately.
Not_Big_Dad_: ( 15 ก.ย. @ 8:27am 
Is Exile within your definition of a survival server? If so, I will stop all work with it. I have been working on this on the Test box for an Exile MP(PVE) server(Ai from VCOM and DMS) (A3 tanks and RHS). I have APS in and being called on startup and keys placed in the folder. I can't verify it running. The report is giving multiple not allowed to execute for DAPS. An excerpt from RPT is G:\EXILEDEV\@DAPS\addons\daps.pbo - unknown
daps_fnc_blast' is not allowed to be remotely executed
Scripting function 'daps_fnc_deductammo' is not allowed to be remotely executed
Server runs( CBA is loaded). I can connect, just not seeing it run. I have DMS missions running and the Ai like shooting me with rockets/missles. It isn't looking like the video presentation where the incoming explodes before contact with tank. Next will be a count of countermeasures left in the dispensers to be displayed.
Gravekeeper 13 ก.ย. @ 9:44am 
Btw, sorry that I was "digging" in your mod. I just found a few problems and wanted to see what's wrong and help you to fix them.
Gravekeeper 13 ก.ย. @ 7:24am 
Hello again, I've found out a few things you might be interested in and have a question.
First of all, "lazerLock" is used for missles/bombs to be able to lock on laser (like GBU). Laser guided lauchers use "lockType = 1;" and "manualControl = 1;".
Also for some reason "_ir" function doesn't detect "irLock" for Titan missiles, but it works for PCML. So the salvation I've found is: instead of exitting if IR lock is absent, do the opposite. It works with vanilla launchers, but idk about mods.
And there is one thing I wanted to ask. Since tower turning only works for AI, is there a way to turn the turret itself? I've found out that VBS has functions to do it, but for Arma engine I've only found "setDir" and I am not sure if it works with turrets.
Soviet_Potato 12 ก.ย. @ 11:32am 
thanks dude
Quack 11 ก.ย. @ 2:01pm 
Ahh, thank you!