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Yet (not) Another Maps Pack
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2017 年 2 月 25 日 上午 5:36
7 月 20 日 上午 3:15
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Yet (not) Another Maps Pack

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Yet not Another Map Pack
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  • Since the Gathering Storm patch, the game doesn't work with map sizes larger than "Enormous".
  • You will get random crashes and crashes on water level change in late game on Giant & Ludicrous size, even after lowering graphic settings.
  • I can't do anything to fix that, so don't ask me, ask the devs to restore pre-GS stability for larger maps. Remember to always send the crash report if asked for by the Firaxis Crash Reporter.
  • You can still play on smaller region of the Giant or Largest Earth maps, just make sure it's not larger than "Enormous".

the problem with the Jersey system (transparent civilizations when more than 20 are in the game) is an issue with the base game so I won't fix it as a part of YnAMP, please do not request or report it here.

You can use Color mods to fix that, like SeelingCat's Prismatic for example:

  • Naming Mountains/Rivers/Deserts: Should work on all map, but the game use random names based on the Civilization discovering the area or river. AFAIK there is no simple way to change names based on their position for mods ATM
  • Volcanoes: Should now work on all maps, no Fissures on fixed maps yet.
  • New Natural Wonders: added on all maps included in the base mode
  • Rivers Flooding: Should now work on all maps
  • Rising Water: Should now work on all maps
  • CO2 levels: Should now work on all maps
  • Maori Start Position: should start in Oceans on fixed maps or when TSL is not activated, could start either in water or land on Terra Map with TSL activated.

Maps with True or Culturally Linked Starting Location and custom options.

  • Enormous (128x80 = civ5 huge), Giant (180x94) and Ludicrous (200x100) map sizes for all map scripts
  • Allows to set game with 63 Civilizations on the advanced setup screen
  • Giant Earth (180x94): a conversion of Genghis Kai's GEM (Hormigas version)
  • Play Europe Again (108x98): a conversion of NiRv4n4's Europe (Hormigas version)
  • Greatest Earth Map (104x64) : a conversion of djvandyke's map with large upscale of some regions
  • Terra Map : a script producing a map with a "New World" and "Old World"
  • City Map (True location corresponding city names option) for Play Europe Again and Giant Earth (W.I.P.)
  • Culturally Linked Start Locations for all maps scripts
  • True Starting Locations for the Real World maps

The Ludicrous Size for map scripts REQUIRES 6+GB of video memory and will take 5+ minutes to load.

If you have less than 8GB of video memory, you'll have to disable Leaders animations.

If you're experiencing late game crashes, which can also happen on Giant size, try to lower your graphic settings


If you are using the steam version of my mods, you must delete the old version in the Mods folder "\Documents\my games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods" (or the games folder if you installed it there) they will conflict with the steam version.

Before asking for help, make sure both the mod and the game are updated to the lastest versions.

If you want to report a bug, don't do it in comments, make a new thread in the mod's discussion section here:

following the instructions here:

- Linux version is not working, see :
- Other mods replacing AssignStartingPlots.lua won't be compatible, that's the case with Seven05' "Larger Worlds" mod
- Other mod replacing the setup screen are not compatible, that the case with Sukritact's Setup Screen
- When the mod is updated to the latest patch for civ6 PC, it can break compatibility with the other versions.

Until a patch is ported to all plateforms, you can find previous version of the mod on Civfanatics here:

Maps :
City Maps :

- They were made using the Farther Zoom mod:

- The map featured in the screenshots is mostly the Giant Earth (180x94)

- The flags visible in the screenshots are part of the "60+ simple modern Civilizations" project, you can follow its developpement here:

- This mod is provided as is, it comes without any warranty.
- No guarantee is given that it will work on your PC, there is also no guarantee of support or update.
- Modders take no responsibility for any issue that could be related to this mod.
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7 月 20 日 上午 11:02
TSL Problem since last mod update
23 小時以前
Is it possible to turn off certain GS features?
7 月 21 日 上午 7:57
Terra Map not working properly
[OXI]Anthony "Sully" Sullivan
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cage2004 1 小時以前 
Hi Gedemon,
do you have any clue why YnaMP makes the mod TSL Earth Lite crash since the last update?
Author of that mod seems to be clueless. But I guess it is only a minor thing!?
Thanks and greetings!
gabrielleiggener 1 小時以前 
Hello there, great mod as always....quick question, I've noticed in my last couple plays that sometime the AI will move the initial settler, example London or Paris, I guess to avoid floods in the Tamesis and Seine with there a way to enforce TLS on AI? or make them spawn with their capitals already in place and no settlers?
Schneensch 3 小時以前 
can you add a pacific map with all the south east asian nations and canada/america
Pope_PePe 23 小時以前 
@Bluerose i wish their was a mod for that, im tired of looking at europe and seeing asian and middle eastern wondrs
Bluerose 7 月 21 日 上午 11:04 
can any one make a mod who's only one wonder per city can be build ,also worldwonder only by true nations can build
i wish a genius can make my wish come's true :D
JohnLeGreat 7 月 21 日 上午 12:02 
Hello Gedemon! Is the tsl placement for Bandar Brunei fixed for both GiantEarth and LargestEarthCustom maps? :D
Pope_PePe 7 月 20 日 下午 7:39 
is there a way to disable loyalty without disabling gs ?
Halcyon Man 7 月 20 日 上午 8:31 
Is there a way to force rivers that were placed in manually to update to have names?
davidnoldevalls2000 7 月 20 日 上午 5:03 
Already fixed, awesome Gedemon, thanks.