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Super Spyglass (Open Source)
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2016 年 11 月 4 日 下午 5:10
2018 年 1 月 24 日 下午 1:15
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Super Spyglass (Open Source)

Source Code[]
(No license, use as wanted, with or without attribution)


- Shows all relevant stats of dinos
- Shows how all of the dino's points(wild & tamed) have been spent
- Increased range
- Variable zoom using mousewheel
- No overlay when zoomed in
- Shows stats even if just holding it
- You can lock the stats to a certain dino by left clicking (left click again to clear)

Special Thanks

jslay for his code on the variable zoom from his Advanced Spyglass

Mod ID: 793605978

Link to Spawn Code

My Mods:

Structures Plus - Complete building overhaul.
Platforms Plus - Tree platforms with snap points and wedge pieces for multi-level construction.
Redwoods Anywhere - Grow redwoods that support tree platforms anywhere.
Platforms Anywhere - 30 different non-tree structures that support a tree platform.
Snappy Saddles - Saddle platform extensions with snap points and ability to increase build distance and structure limit.
Earthquake Tweaker - Stops earthquakes from moving you around(or makes them more powerful... you choose)
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weirdblackcat 9 月 18 日 下午 7:17 
@koldy-how do you know it was this mod that did it? maybe it was another bug, or just #arklogic. don't automatically blame it on a mod you installed, because i'm pretty sure this doesn't even mess with dino stats
shwn1231 9 月 13 日 下午 1:10 
Извините я не знаю английского расскажите как поставить мод.
Koldy 9 月 12 日 上午 11:19 
do NOT use this mod, it removes 60% of all your tames lvls, i had many dinos with tons of health, weight etc, after installing this mod they all went to shit, remove the mod but all my dinos are still shit now, many hours wasted into breeding just to lose it to this mod
Boge 8 月 30 日 上午 6:58 
I can't get a read on dinos very easily with this. The aim is all wrong.
Skeletor 8 月 5 日 上午 3:25 
it seems that this spyglass wont work while riding a deynonychus :/
DzejCod 7 月 30 日 下午 11:56 
How to use that? ._.
CTi_Z_Narco 7 月 26 日 下午 9:31 
Same issue as Zealot. Some dinos, mostly flyers, the feel like there is a super small targeting box to see stats so it basically just flashes for a second. Then sometimes have to aim way to the right to get stats for my target to come up.
Zealot 7 月 24 日 下午 2:00 
it doesnt aim probably even the zoom in doesnt help to pinpoint
Run along0.0 7 月 22 日 下午 12:16 
I added mod and had a telescope that I could use with a telescope in my hand,right?
Run along0.0 7 月 22 日 下午 12:13 
How to use that?
I can‘t use that!!