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[Discontinued]Nordic Studios™ | Nordic Armory 2.0 [3.28+]
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2019 年 1 月 19 日 上午 8:28
2019 年 11 月 17 日 上午 8:44
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[Discontinued]Nordic Studios™ | Nordic Armory 2.0 [3.28+]

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Nordic Military Roleplay | Modpack
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My statement to discontinue the mod is that i've lost my files to the pack. i'm now gona full time dev the 3.0 pack! Thanks to everyone support and help, this pack and its been an awesome ride! but its time to move on to become even better!

Thank you for the ride that this mod have given me but i've now fully moved on to developing the 3.0 Version!

Nordic Studios™

This is an updated version of the Nordic Armory 2.0 for the new Unity update 2017

This is a overhaul of the original mod named Nordic Armory & "The continueation of the L.7 pack"

ID list

Can't see the picture?

Planned Next:

➤ Adding more guns

Hoping to do weekly updates each friday!

Latest Update:

New Features

➤ Vanilla Spawn Support

New items added

➤ Added Remington 870 Shotgun
➤ Added M1014 Shotgun
➤ Added P90 SMG
➤ Added AUG A2
➤ Added AUG A3
➤ Added SVDS Dragunov Sniper
➤ Added AS VAL Special Automatic Rifle
➤ Added P226R
➤ Added Beretta M9
➤ Added Saiga-12
➤ Added Magazines for all these guns
➤ Added Gemtech GM-9 Suppressor
➤ Added X-15 50rd Drum for M4 Series
➤ Added X-9 50rd Drum for MP5
➤ Added STANAG Magazine (Quickdraw)
➤ Added 6L23 Magazine (Quickdraw)


➤ Fixed SVD Floating suppressor
➤ Fixed 45 ACP Ammunition box, now can be spawned in.

Wanna have a chat with us hop on to our community Discord! [discord.gg]

Dont find a server with this modpack? hop on our servers!

IP -
Port - 27015

Special thanks to!

[Content Deleted] - Concept Artist

Skylark - Animations


Q: Can i use this for my server?
A: Yes you can if you follow our EULA [docs.google.com]

Q: Can i use this for my modpack?
A: No. And to use this in your modpack contact me FIRST

Q: Can i reupload this?
A: No.

This mod is under License of Creative Commons
© Creative Commons 2019[mirrors.creativecommons.org]
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2 月 1 日 上午 9:36
I can't see through my scope
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breezyxkillerx 3 月 26 日 上午 4:23 
can't you read the desc,its not supported anymore because he lost the files
george 3 月 15 日 上午 10:09 
fix scopes pls
Telecompany_Vid 3 月 11 日 上午 7:05 
hello from Northland server.
I hope you will get cancer from your actions.
NiniBu 2 月 29 日 下午 2:49 
I love you
the google doc <3
R3KT_BOT 2 月 28 日 下午 1:14 
id list is trash
ПУСТОТА 2 月 26 日 下午 10:56 
How can i talk with owner of this mod?
Wraith analyst 2 月 22 日 上午 8:00 
You all know this mod is discontinue right ?
Natnat1303 2 月 22 日 上午 7:22 
Fix scope
GasMaskTrooper 2 月 21 日 下午 12:41 
You need to fix the scopes, I am trying to play Unturnov but i can't use the scopes
glebas52 2 月 19 日 上午 9:35