Arma 3
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2018 年 8 月 20 日 下午 11:24
8 月 21 日 上午 5:53
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It is the year 2039. After the resource depleting conflict in Greece, Europe suffers from a new deflation crisis, leading the crime rate to a new peak in history. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Security Council are forced to react. Being a desperate alternative to overcrowded and prohibitive prisons, offenders are now being sent to EXILE.

You asked for it. So here it is on Steam.
Happy 3rd anniversary!!!!
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8 月 29 日 下午 2:59
Issues Joining servers after update Version Mismatch 1.0.41 1.0.4
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MT519 12 小時以前 
@starsaus put a picture in that file and its fixed
liquidglass707 9 月 14 日 下午 11:16 
Having all sorts of problems with this mod
Yup, same thing here...
starksaus 9 月 6 日 下午 3:18 
I keep getting this error; Picture logo/loadlogo.paa not found.... help
shugo22 8 月 28 日 上午 7:05 
ShootingBlanks true but it wont work but sure if it is the bikey or the update but one of them are messed up
ShootingBlanks 8 月 28 日 上午 1:03 
I dont know anything, but there is a bikey posted in the change notes page here.
Stoney-Steve 8 月 27 日 上午 8:23 
It was updated a week ago.... so no, not dead.
MRBuret 8 月 27 日 上午 12:33 
Not dead?
Death Awaits 8 月 25 日 下午 1:43 
I was glad that they made this MOD public to everyone back in 2018 I always wanted to play this MOD since I saw people on YOUTUBE were playing these :steamhappy:
404 Dave not found 8 月 25 日 上午 7:29 
@1Man Yeah I did, Server files are not updated since 1.0.4a though