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A mod made for psychopaths in mind. It adds a new liquid, blood, which is dropped by fleshy creatures upon death as a ready-to-pick-up item, meaning you don't initially need to upgrade your Matter Manipulator to get it from recently murdered creatures.

When dropped, blood acts as any liquid. Perfect for making pools of blood in your buildings. Blood will mix with water and healing liquid to create unique variations of both.

Creatures have also small chances to drop bones, hearts and eggs upon death or Meat Chunks if killed with non hunting weapons. Some unique creatures will physically bleed when killed. Some unique creatures have a chance to drop certain items.

New crafting recipes include:
Bonemeal: 1 Bone.
2x Gelatin: 1 Meat Chunks.
Hard Boiled Egg: 1 Egg.
Apple Gelatin: 1 Gelatin and 1 Apple.
Cooked Heart: 1 Raw Heart.
4x Meat Chunks: 1 Raw Steak and 1 Raw Heart.
3x Blood: 1 Raw Heart.
Blood Sausage: 2 units of Blood.
Blood Soup: 2 units of Blood, 1 Wheat and 1 Egg.
Killshake: 1 unit of Blood, 1 Meat Chunks and 1 of Milk.
Bloodlust: 1 Bottle, 1 Pussplum and 3 Blood.
Coronary Ingot: 1 Meat Chunks, 1 Egg, 1 Potato and 1 Cheese.
Flesh Strand: 1 Meat Chunks and 1 Gelatin.

The mod is really small now but the general idea can be expanded a lot. Plant based creatures could drop a different kind of liquid, new crafting recipes, new drops for creatures, etc. so this mod is still a work in progress.
Also, thanks to steam user Animaster78900 for the 1.1.1 fix that makes it possible for this mod to work again.

If you like my mods, please consider making a donation. Any donation will be used to buy games, DLCs, and better hardware/software so I can make better mods for more games.
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245 kommentarer
Drifter 20 apr @ 9:39 
o h l o o k i t s t h e b t e c r e a t o r.
brats817 8 apr @ 4:28 
Ahh, check your Murdercraft mod page on the Chucklefish forums, projectmayhem has made a hunting pool patch for you and pasted it. He hasn't yet done the monster treasure pool patch, but he'll post it there as well once done.
brats817 8 apr @ 4:20 
Hopefully all goes well and I wish you luck in patching your files, projectmayhem will be able to help you. I would help but for right now I am shitty at making patches and needed help from projectmayhem to patch my files. ^^;
Çhiko  [skapare] 6 apr @ 22:31 
Yeah, I think patches were not possible back then when I made this mod so I'll check that out. I don't remember how that worked but I do have another starbound mod with patches.
brats817 6 apr @ 19:38 
Of course it's up to you though. However, it would give the least errors and compatibility issues if the treasure pool files were made into patches instead, as I heard that "dirty edits" are highly incompatible with mods that wish to alter assets from the original files because the dirty edit replaces the original file completely.
brats817 6 apr @ 19:08 
Oh hey! I would also like to refer you to projectmayhem on Chucklefish forums. I needed help recently on making patches for a mod of mine (I am learning) and this person kindly offered help, and I had also experienced the Parasprite crash around that time and also asked of his opinion on the issue, and when he unpacked this mod, he agreed with me that because it's a regular treasure pool and not a patch, it replaces the vanilla files entirely and one small mistake (like a missing monster) will cause you to get booted off the map when the monster is killed. He has offered to help fix the issue, if you would like to contact him.
Çhiko  [skapare] 6 apr @ 5:56 
Makes sense. This mod is old so it's probably outdated. I'll take a look at the issue and update the treasure pool. Thanks for reporting it and looking into the source of the issue!
brats817 6 apr @ 2:40 
Ahh I KNOW the actual problem now and I'll tell you what it is. I didn't catch it until after I posted those replies. Your treasure pool files are regular files rather than being PATCH files. So instead of adding your treasure pools to the original treasure pools from the main game, it's REPLACING them. Since there are no treasure pools for Parasprites in your monster and hunting treasure pool files and they are not patch files, it's not reading the original treasure pool files at all and thus there are no Parasprite treasure, and that is why I am getting the crash.
brats817 6 apr @ 2:24 
Hello, I thought I'd mention that I have a problem with killing Parasprites crashing the map and booting me back to the ship. When I reinstalled my mods one by one, I found out it was this mod. I noticed your treasure pool patch makes no mention of a Parasprite patch and this might be the issue. If it is, make sure to check for other missing monster treasure pool info. The game seems to only read the patch now and not original treasure pool files.
Sandokan 29 mar @ 7:24 
Is it possible to give diffrent races diffrent colored blood to drop ?