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Removes screen overlays chosen.
Sister mod for Don't Starve Together.

Overlays currently supported for choosing to remove in the mod's configuration tab:
  • Insanity screen edge effect
  • Blood on-hit display effect
  • Ice freezing status effect
  • Fire burning flame effect
  • Clouds (too high camera) effect
  • Blur Post Processing filter
  • (RoG) Overheating effect
  • (SW) Poison on-hit display effect
  • (SW) Boat on-hit display effect
  • (HAM) Jungle leaves
  • (HAM) Fog (white mist) - auto turns on Clouds when in use (Klei reused overlay)
  • (HAM) Bat Sonar (pulsing black screen + white mist)
  • (HAM) Pollen (hay fever)

Do note that the Insanity screen edge effect is a special one, and it is the most demanding overlay I've found.
If your computer is more or less a potato with some wires, then this should help with framerate issues if you are having any when going insane.

0.1.0 - Initial release
0.1.1 - Changed configuration variables from booleans to integers to allow proper configuration serialization for saving settings
0.1.2 - Added Shipwrecked support
0.1.3 - Added Hamlet support - Removed small debug text in modinfo - Fixed Fog overlay from rendering 1 frame before shutting off. - Added SW volcano smoke. Added Clouds. (HAM) Fog auto-adds Clouds when in effect- reused overlay.
0.1.3 - Added support to remove the blur post processing filter. Accidentally added this code to 0.1.2's build. If anyone has a copy of then please let me know.
0.1.4 - All of 0.1.3- changes are back in. Many thanks to user 76561198056767469!
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22 kommentarer
CarlZalph  [skapare] 25 jun @ 4:04 
Yeah the Blur Post Processing filter is what Wagstaff/other chars using his goggles uses.
Bulleteater 24 jun @ 20:02 
does this work for wagstaff?
CarlZalph  [skapare] 22 apr @ 20:09 
0.1.4 pushed to get back in the 0.1.3- changes. Many many thanks to you, Amnesiac. I really didn't want to dig through DS's code base again for these things. It's different than DST's by a bit as-is.
Amnesiac 22 apr @ 19:56 
Hi carl, my version hasn't been updated since 4-02-2019, I uploaded to dropbox for you.

I highly recommend using something like github, saves me from issues like this all the time. Be nice if steam had version control built in, would help users a lot too.
CarlZalph  [skapare] 21 apr @ 8:29 
Would anyone here happen to have an unupdated version of this (v0.1.3.3)? I added support for Wagstaff's blur, but I didn't check what version of the mod I was touching so all of Hamlet's stuff has been stripped.
Amnesiac 31 mar @ 21:52 
Thanks Carl!
CarlZalph  [skapare] 18 okt, 2018 @ 18:50 pushed to add support for the (old) SW volcano smoke and Base cloud overlays, changed Fog to auto-disable cloud setting if fog is disabled.
CarlZalph  [skapare] 18 okt, 2018 @ 10:43 
0.1.3 pushed to add the new overlay effects from Hamlet: Jungle leaves, Fog, Bat Sonar, and Pollen.
CarlZalph  [skapare] 25 feb, 2018 @ 8:56 
Spam comment removed from user 76561198330377689.
Alex 24 mar, 2017 @ 16:46 
Ahh been trying to find it in my mods and I only now realize its for DST not DS. Keep me posted if you you upload for DS good sir.