Transport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2

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ext.roads - footpaths standalone
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ext.roads - footpaths standalone

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footpaths from "extended ROADS" pack
can be used as standalone mod.
can be used with "with signs" version.

пешеходные дорожки из пака "extended ROADS"
можно использовать как отдельный мод.
можно использовать с версией "with signs".
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25 kommentarer
Cornishman 9 mar @ 8:09 
PLEASE ADD pedestrian only steps. Where there is too steep incline to get a path or road to connect from lower level to higher level, then at least a set of steps, created with the same drag & click function as roads should be available. Always wanted this in TF1 and would be perfect addition here too ! ?
AV  [skapare] 26 jan @ 21:48 
Oswyn Faux 26 jan @ 21:05 
Forgot to add that part. All locked 6m no build padestrian-only paths. The AI even ignores the fences mod with collision turned on. I think the building placement must be different between city generation and city expansion.
AV  [skapare] 26 jan @ 19:24 
Oswyn Faux 26 jan @ 17:08 
I have some 6m no-house, pedestrian-only paths down (yes they are the correct paths) outlining a reservoir and the AI is still building houses off them.
001144 25 jan @ 1:20 
Thx P72! Looks good :))
Zyntax 22 jan @ 10:19 
For some reason my trucks and buses use the footpaths when they go from a depot to the first station.
AV  [skapare] 19 jan @ 15:48 
about what?
P72 19 jan @ 15:42 
@AV: Very nice Mod - thanks for it! :)

@001144: Try this Mod - Maybe it will meet your requirements:
AV  [skapare] 19 jan @ 15:17