Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Game Mode: Classic, Deathmatch
Taggar: Hostage, Map
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A terrorist militia have taken hostages in a luxury hunting lodge in this hostage scenario map. Play as the South African Police and rescue the captured civilians before the time runs out.

A special thanks to the following individuals for assets used in this map:

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12 kommentarer
Nicolás Canales 23 mar @ 17:36 
It's possible to change the voices of CT's and put a bit of variation on the models?

Maybe the pirates voices can fit a lot better the South African Police than FBI/SWAT american voice.
Da Commander 28 feb @ 1:08 
hey Quoting and Quadratic. i saw your map from 3kliksphilip and it looked awsome . I tried it out and then i saw the hostages. Can you pls tell me how did you change the hostage skin? Or even better do you know how to make a custom player skin?? I would be very grateful if you answer.
LAZY [DK] 15 feb @ 9:33 
Wow, nice map. GL in the mapcore competition. I wonder about the area below T-spawn. It looks really nice, but it doesn't seem like it would be used much tho - CT's would stop their push from the right side when they got to the outer house, so they would most likely not go there. also the border where there are chairs and stuff. its a smooth border, but it doesnt seem very intuitive with the many obstacles forming the border.
LO-FI 14 feb @ 13:27 
oh damn this is sick!
Lefty 10 feb @ 15:37 
well done bois!!!
Adm1N 5 feb @ 23:20 
I like hostage map :cozyspaceengineersc:
aK! حیکر 2 feb @ 21:39 
Great work
rirTaki [MG] 31 jan @ 16:19 
hello i will ask a question.after doing the map, how many minutes did you wait when you pressed F9
egglord 29 jan @ 18:00 
looks like zoo from a few places
Bhoppi 29 jan @ 8:34 
I love hostage maps, thanks for your hard work