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The Birds and the Bees EPOE Patch
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The Birds and the Bees EPOE Patch

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The mod allows the crafting of reproductive organs from your favorite EPOE workbenches:

- Simple Prosthetic Reproductive Organs - Simple Prosthetic Table
- Bionic Reproductive Organs - Bionics Workbench (bionics research)
- Advanced Bionic Reproductive Organs - Bionics Workbench (advanced bionics research)

Load after EPOE and The Birds and the Bees in the mod order.
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11 kommentarer
Madara Uchiha  [skapare] 19 okt @ 7:50 
@TSSense not exactly. RJW also adds pregnencies, fetishes, rape, etc. tBatB basically only affects the Lovin' behavior already in the game (by adding the unfortunately named "fertility" stat). The prosthetics introduced by this mod just have enhanced fertility, thus making the "Had Amazing Lovin'" thought to be more likely.
TSense 8 okt @ 16:01 
Am I reading this correctly that BatB & EPOE are now doing what Rimjobworld has been doing for years now?
You know, that mod is getting a lot of shit for having so much well made content that is only slowly getting added to the alternativ mods. I only tried it out because two other pregnancy mods had to many conflicts back in A17 and I am happy with it ever since.
Fellow Duplicant 8 sep @ 19:50 
Thanks, this definitely makes more sense for me now.
Madara Uchiha  [skapare] 8 sep @ 9:34 
@Felow Duplicant this is by design. The simple reproductive organ is basically a piece of wood. The efficiency is still 0%, but the mood debuff drops from -35 (Castrated) to -10 (Neutered), which is much preferable.

I don't have any compatibility problems with A Dog Said, what problems are you having? (If you're requesting to extend this patch to also cover ADS, I'm afraid that's likely not going to happen, this mod does one thing and does not attempt to scope creep, this, too, is by design)
Fellow Duplicant 30 aug @ 17:56 
And please add A dog said birds and bees if possible.
Fellow Duplicant 30 aug @ 5:17 
Excuse me, there's a big problem with this mod. Simple reproductive organs are definitely broken, when they replace an impotent or menopausal organ, it says that the efficiency is 0 percent in the injuries tab, while in the overview it says that it's 100 percent efficiency.
Viper 6 aug @ 20:06 
excellent. thanks for taking over this necessary mod
Madara Uchiha  [skapare] 18 jul @ 1:23 
It allows the crafting of Simple Prosthetic Reproductive Organ, Bionic Reproductive Organ, and Advanced Bionic Reproductive Organ, from The Birds and the Bees with the normal EPOE workbenches.
⛧ Black Goat ⛧ 16 jul @ 11:35 
what does this do?
Madara Uchiha  [skapare] 14 jul @ 9:59