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Torch By Revolution
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Torch By Revolution

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"Craftable Torch for Project Zomboid by Revolution.”


A Craftable Torch
- It lights things around you
- Can be refueled with a sheet


Torch =
Weight 1

Recipe To Make A Torch
  • Tree Branch

  • Sheet

Let me know if something is wrong.

Artwork By Tarwik.

Workshop ID: 1542069453
Mod ID: Torch
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28 kommentarer
[Khorne] Neo-Kerozen 12 apr @ 8:21 
Oh nevermind I figured out I didn't install the mod properly into my server. Now it work fine !
Revolution  [skapare] 10 apr @ 10:37 
It should work on v40 but i can't confirm this i havn't tested it yet.
[Khorne] Neo-Kerozen 10 apr @ 10:11 
uh is it v40 ready ? I can't find the recipe anywhere in the craft tab
Revolution  [skapare] 13 jan @ 5:04 
At the moment no
Geronimo 12 jan @ 18:20 
could we also use rags or clothes for fuel? lots of zombie cloth laying around.
Major_Valentine505 9 jan @ 18:08 
Well thanks for the responses anyways. Best of luck. I may sub to this just for the extra source of light without batteries xp
Revolution  [skapare] 9 jan @ 14:45 
The thing is that I would love to expand the features of this mod but I simply can't.
I am no programmer and I can't figure out how to do certain thing wich limit my capability of making this mod bigger and better.
I have been asking around on the forum but no luck there...
Major_Valentine505 9 jan @ 13:32 
Any plans to possibly add that ability? Like be able to place it on the wall using the Place Item thingy?
Revolution  [skapare] 9 jan @ 5:42 
No this is basicly the same as the flashlight but with a custom recipe and difrent lighting conditions. so no, you can not place it on a wall.
Major_Valentine505 8 jan @ 13:54 
Is this a truly placed item or just a drop out of your inventory? Basically could this be attached to the wall?