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British Signal Box
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British Signal Box

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Many variations of British Signal Boxes can be created from this mod's many options and utilisation of the game's own textures. There's so many options, every signal box on the map can be unique!

6 liveries are GWR (x2), LNER, LMS, SR and generic black.

10 materials for the base. All credit for the material textures to Urban Games.

Variable length and height.

Setting the Height to Platform helps it to be placed on the sides of station platforms. Setting it to Ground just sets the pivot point to the centre, instead of offset.

The options can changed after the signal box has been placed, by clicking on it.

Available: Always

Updated: Added sound. Added signalman.
Updated: Added protection to help prevent conflicts with other mods causing crashes. Added flat roof option (on new builds). (Previously built instances without the new option have the image in the item properties branded "OLD".)
Updated: Added Fire Buckets and a General Railway Building version as separate assets.
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52 kommentarer
Norfolk_Chris 27 jul @ 0:36 
It's good to hear that you are planning to make your mods available TpF2. :steamhappy:
JK  [skapare] 26 jul @ 8:10 
@Norfolk_Chris - It would be possible. I think I was considering adding it next time I update it (which might not be til TpF2). My Yard Crane mod allows placing of the 'Railwayman' separately, so if you want you could them manually in the meantime.
Norfolk_Chris 24 jul @ 9:47 
Is it possible to add a signalman inside the box?
wolfiee 14 jun @ 4:50 
No error message it just dropped out.
JK  [skapare] 13 jun @ 10:02 
wolfiee - Did it give an error message when it crashed? If you can post the last line or so of the crash log file stdout.txt, it might contain some clues. It should be in ...\Steam\userdata\ <-- Your Steam ID --> \446800\local\crash_dump\ It's worth checking you have the latest version of the mod (v1.421), which fixed some occasional crashes.
wolfiee 13 jun @ 5:26 
Dont know why but when I click on this in game it crashes
excr 9 jun @ 6:22 
@JK why didn't I think of that? Thanks for the suggestion, lowering it does a pretty decent job of replicating a small box.
JK  [skapare] 8 jun @ 6:30 
@excr - Thanks, glad you like it. I've done a quick image search and I see what you mean. I might be able to add lower options at some point in the future. But as a stand-in, you could try it set with no steps, platform height, and then click on the bottom menu bar and use Page Down/Up keys to lower the height to ground level.
excr 8 jun @ 6:17 
Hey JK, I've been using this for a while and it's brilliant. Do you think you might have time in the future to add a shorter single storey version of the signal box? I'm currently trying to build a Forest of Dean network with your GWR mods and one of RolleyPovey's maps, and small boxes appear to have been very common on the smaller branches and mineral lines of that area. Thanks, as always, for sharing your work :)
JK  [skapare] 4 jan @ 13:27 
I've now updated this, which should stop the intermittent crashes that a few people encountered. Thanks to GrandT for assistance on this. I've also added the option of flat rooves (see the last screenshot), as previously suggested by MarkyT. (Due to the nature of the code update, this option is only available on instances built since this update.)