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Vanilla Animal Overhaul
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Vanilla Animal Overhaul

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A collection of patches and tweaks regarding animals :
More pack animals - Shear and milk more animals - Better cats - Cats and monkeys can haul - More unfertilized eggs - Pets will follow their master for more activities - Animals horns/antlers/tusks on butchering

-= 1.0 - "Konrad Lorenz Edition" =-
Focused on animal behavior.

- All bears, Alpacas, Ostrich, Rhinoceros, Cow, Elk, Caribou, Warg and Elephants can now be used as pack animals and will be used by other factions

- Pets sets to follow master while doing fieldwork will now also consider DoctorRescue, ReleasePrisoner, Slaughter/Milk/Shear/Train, Harvest/Cut, Strip/Bury/Haul Corpses and CleanClearSnow as fieldwork.

- ♥♥♥♥♥hillas, Rhinoceros, Ostriches, Turkeys, Chickens, Pigs, Cows, Rat, WildBoars, Monkey, Wargs and all wolves are now herd animals.

- Cats and big Cats are now trainable (up to advanced like dogs) but are more harder to train than most other pets (wildness raised from 0.2 to 0.5 for the pet).

- All Bears, Foxes and Big Cats have now a "maxPreyBodySize" attribute up to their relative own body size attribute.

- All dogs are now sets to be predator (but only for the smallest animals)

-= 1.1 - "Charles Darwin Edition" =-
Focused on animal mechanics.

- Cassowaries, Emus, Iguanas, Ostriches, Tortoises and Turkey can now lay unfertilized eggs

- Monkeys and domestic Cats had their bodysize upped in order for them to be eligible for haul training (from 0.35 to 0.40 for monkeys and from 0.26 to 0.4 for cats)

- Elephants can now eat trees and the female elephant will also drop tusks

- Caribous, Deers, Elks, Gazelles, Ibexes and Rhinos will now drop horns/antlers/tusks when butchered. They are considered quite valuable for resell and can be used as makeshift melee weapon

- Alpacas, Deers and Ibexes can now be milked. Ibexes produce poor-quality wool now

- Thrumbos can now be sheared (every 50 days) for their high-quality wool

This mod requires to have Animal Logic mod activated or you won't be able to buy pack animals from caravan traders

Older versions can be downloaded from https://github.com/kaptain-kavern/KK_AnimalOverhaul/releases
Recommended Mod:
- Wild animal sex

A big Thank you to Oblitus : For "fixing" pack animals to be buyable.

A big Thank you to Coercion : For all horns and antlers graphics - Originally made for the TropiCKAPP Rainforest mod.


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12 jan, 2018 @ 9:03
Thrumbo Pack Animal
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lilwhitemouse 18 jul, 2019 @ 16:23 
Alas, you have turned cats from fluffy little bourgeois murder-babies into something marginally useful. I cannot in goo faith use your mod.
Benjideaula 15 dec, 2018 @ 20:25 
lmao chinchilla is censored
☾⎛sιтєʀ⎞☽ 13 nov, 2018 @ 1:50 
Thundercraft 7 nov, 2018 @ 18:28 
This sounds really nice. Please update for 1.0.
KaT 7 nov, 2018 @ 7:19 
I have this version installed and have not run across any issues. I have tons of red errors in the console, have no idea which mods they are related to. Just my two cents.
Kreuzer09 7 nov, 2018 @ 7:15 
Update pls !
PokieDragon 7 nov, 2018 @ 0:38 
anyone know if the author plans on updating this?
=F|A=Dycantos 17 okt, 2018 @ 11:50 
I really hope this gets updated again It is one of the best mods I used.
UnrelentingFury 9 okt, 2018 @ 20:38 
@pokiedragon I tried playing without this mod for the same reason and it sucked. :(