¡La Comunidad ha dado luz verde a este juego!

La comunidad ha mostrado su interés por este juego. Valve se ha puesto en contacto con este desarrollador para comenzar con los trámites que llevarían a su lanzamiento en Steam

Greenlight llega a su fin. Para obtener más información sobre cómo enviar juegos a Steam, consulta esta publicación.
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Publicado el
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31 AGO 2012 a las 12:52
25 FEB 2015 a las 12:52
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Fecha de lanzamiento: TBA
Taijou is a fast paced platformer / bullet hell inspired by a mashup of Touhou and Cave Story

The official site, where you can play the beta and subscribe to the mailing list can be found here:

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261 comentarios
Treadlight 2 ENE 2017 a las 19:28 
Status, please? Please don't be dead...
kalirion 27 FEB 2015 a las 15:21 
Congratulations on being greenlit!

Will those who played the free beta get steam keys?
(just kidding of course :bigGrin:)
kalirion 22 FEB 2015 a las 9:51 
The game doesn't work in Win 8 currently? That sucks... After playing the beta, I can't imagine that Game Maker wouldn't result in lower graphics quality...
je-55  [autor] 22 FEB 2015 a las 1:05 
nah im still me

in all seriousness im trying to port the game over to game maker studio atm so i can at least build it for win 8 but im am a really bad programmer damn
kalirion 21 FEB 2015 a las 22:43 
Huh? The author's steam account get hacked or something?
Kyle 21 FEB 2015 a las 22:38 
What a shame.
je-55  [autor] 21 FEB 2015 a las 22:35 
im gay
Kyle 21 FEB 2015 a las 22:15 
How is this still not Greenlit yet?
Gt.Downyourknees 7 ENE 2015 a las 12:01 
one part of the song sounds like Un owen Xd i see what you did ther with mashing up Touhou and cave story, i do hope this game gets enough attention To get in to the library
kalirion 3 DIC 2014 a las 11:49 
It's a crime that this game is so unnoticed here.