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Hnefatafl - Viking Board Game (19x19 Anglo-Saxon Alea Evangelii Variant)
Game Category: Board Games, Strategy Games
Number of Players: 2
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14 ABR 2017 a las 0:22
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Hnefatafl - Viking Board Game (19x19 Anglo-Saxon Alea Evangelii Variant)

My grand finale of Tafl games (although I will continue with making other games as well). It is my privilege and honour to give to you, the grandest of all Tafl games, "Alea Evangelii" (Modern English: "Game of the Gospels")

This impressive and unique 19x19 variant was played by the Anglo-Saxons. The Anglo-Saxons originated in ancient Germany, then spread out to conquer the British Isles, eventually founding "England". Their language, "Old English", or "Aenglisc", was the Germanic progenitor to the Modern English language spoken today.

In this unique variant, we see the largest board, and the most number of pieces, than any other Hnefatafl board. 24 "Dukes" defend their King from an onslaught of 48 "Counts", on an enormous board of 19x19 intersecting lines (or 18x18 squares). The taflstones are placed on, and move orthogonally along, intersecting lines, instead of inside the squares themselves.

I do hope you enjoy this epic finale to my series of Tafl games. :)

virtual tablet included with a link to a google doc with instructions.