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Dark Tower
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Dark Tower

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Here it is… this is the big one! Follow your scout, feed your beast, and crank up the 1812 Overture! My Tabletop Simulator mod for February 2017 is none other than Milton Bradley’s 1981 sued-out-existence classic, DARK TOWER!

(And all I had to do was teach myself Lua, Blender, and Unity animations and asset bundling… no sweat!)

Although the manual has mostly been transcribed into the notebook (edited for changes), Geek Vintage has a PDF here:

Wherever I could, I’ve re-mastered the graphics on the Tower and on the board, and I’ve cleaned up any noise on the sounds. The Dark Tower itself isn’t a perfect re-creation, but I tried to make slight changes to the shape of it to make virtual play a little easier… the keypad is now convex instead of concave, for example. Please try to pick up the Dark Tower only from the bottom flared base; the AssetBundles are connected to it with Joints, which I’ve found to be unpredictable when going from B-to-A rather than A-to-B. The Tower is a OBJ mesh with five Unity AssetBundles joined to it: one sound block, one display core, two LCDs (which I plan on releasing separately in the Workshop for others to use), and one “blink screen” that goes over the LCDs and simulates them blinking. The keypad itself has GUI buttons just below the surface.

There are some changes between the actual board game and this Tabletop Simulator version (these are also written in the notebook):

* In the DARK TOWER board game, the players are P1, P2, P3, and P4. In this TTS version, the players are determined by filled seats, and are represented by R (Red), B (Blue), Y (Yellow), and G (green); the colors of the seats correspond to the colors of the kingdom crests. This allows for drop-in/drop-out play. Because there is no need to select the number of players at the beginning of the game, the level selection phase is followed by a selection of which player should go first (R1, B1, Y1, or G1).

* The scorecards are now interactive. Hovering over WARRIORS, GOLD, or FOOD on your scorecard will display the value in a popup. The other inventory items will light up when acquired, and darken when spent. Scorecards of vacant and vacated seats will darken, and will light up again when the seat is occupied.

* The PEGASUS token is now a button on the scorecard. To spend your PEGASUS token, press the PEGASUS button on your scorecard at the beginning of your turn. The Tower will display the PEGASUS, and will wait for confirmation. Press the YES/BUY button to spend your PEGASUS; its light will darken on your scorecard. If you change your mind, press the NO/END button.

* Because the Tower in TTS knows if a player currently possesses a PEGASUS token, it will not award that player a PEGASUS as treasure if they already possess one.

* In the DARK TOWER board game, if a player received a WIZARD as treasure and CURSED another player, and then pressed the CLEAR button to cancel the move as illegal, the CURSE would still be in effect. In this TTS version, the CURSE is lifted.

* In the DARK TOWER board game, if a PEGASUS token is spent on a CLEARED illegal move, the rules state that the player must return to the previous space, but the rules never state whether or not the player gets their PEGASUS token back. In this TTS version, they do not. Also in TTS, the player's pawn will be returned to the previous space automatically.

* In this TTS version of DARK TOWER, if a MOVE results in being LOST, the player's pawn will be returned to the previous space automatically.

* In this TTS version of DARK TOWER, if a FRONTIER is attempted with a KEY MISSING, the player's pawn will be returned to the previous space automatically.

* In this TTS version of DARK TOWER, if the HAGGLE button is pressed any time other than during a BAZAAR negotiation, it will toggle the buildings between their authentic board game colors and the seat colors.

* In the original board game, the Riddle of the Keys would be identical for all players; one could block the view of the tower screen from the other players while solving the riddle. In Tabletop Simulator, the other players can position their cameras anywhere, and so the screen cannot be blocked. Tabletop Simulator could blindfold all of the other players during while one is solving the Riddle of the Keys, but then that player could alter the game board, which is something that wouldn't happen in the original board game. Therefore, the solution for this TTS version of DARK TOWER is to give each player a different Riddle of the Keys combination.

I tried to playtest this as thoroughly as I could, but if you find any bugs, I’ll be watching this space.

I definitely have a new-found appreciation for the code of the original Dark Tower, which is surprisingly sophisticated for the time (the programmer is believed to be Vince Erato, inventor of another keypad toy, the Big Trak). There’s a lot to juggle… food reserves, gold encumbrance, keeping a short history for the Repeat button, a robust inventory, and rogue invalid button presses.
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KingTentacle [TLS] 23 JUL a las 0:26 
cheers. that worked
Gazoxtahagen  [autor] 22 JUL a las 10:15 
Hi, @KingTentacle[TLS]... click on your user name in the upper-right corner. There you can choose a color/"seat"... either Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue.
KingTentacle [TLS] 19 MAY a las 23:54 
might be a dumb question, but for a solo game, how do i "sit" mine keeps saying player must be seated.
GuiltyStimPak 1 ABR a las 11:26 
Holy shit! I used to play this all the time as a kid but forgot the name of it. Thank you so much.
johntjamesonjr 12 MAR a las 19:57 
ty for making this.. my wife loves it.. trying to find the actual board game now lol
{K}RaptorPriestColdTaco 7 DIC 2017 a las 3:47 
WOW i didnt think that this game would be put on here. thanks for bringing my childhood back!
Alexander Knows 1 JUL 2017 a las 16:36 
Wow, what can I say? This is very impressive work! Congratulations on this great build.

Would you consider doing some tutorials on your Unity Assest pack work. It would be great for the community. So many questions...

Bravo Sir.
myshinator 26 JUN 2017 a las 15:01 
I am a very short person. Our Dark Tower game is on the top shelf of the closet. I am so incredibly happy that you made this version. We had a great time playing online and we don't have to live in eternal fear that our tower will break.
kaeoltae 7 JUN 2017 a las 16:55 
Was playing the game with my wife and i drew the wizard asked if i wanted to curse i said no and error message showed up unable to continue with game.
kood99 1 MAY 2017 a las 23:15 
I did not know this amzing little game existed until now. Thank you!