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[TFB] Animal Kigurumi Party
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[TFB] Animal Kigurumi Party

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The Ferret Business presents : Kigurumis!
Now Updated for Release 1.0!

Animal Pajamas for all your Colonist's needs! Keeps you warm in the winter, looks cute and stylish, and will make you the envy of all the other factions!

Animal Kigurumi Party adds two new production tables and a small variety of Kigurumis, Japanese animal onesies/pajamas, for your colonists to wear.

Kigurumi Crafting Research
Required to unlock the Kigu Worktable. Requires Complex Clothing research first.

Kigu Worktable
Where all Kigus are made. Comes in two styles : Basic and Electric. Can be built with a variety of materials like most Production tables.

Kigus are divided into two parts : a Hood and a Body. They provide protection against the cold and a very minor amount of armor (they are, afterall, mostly cloth)

Each animal has two kinds of kigus you can make : Normal or Tinted. Normal requires Cloth, while Tinted can take any Fabric or Leather as material, and will be colored with that material's tint.

Current Kigus
  • Red Panda
  • Ferret
  • Dragon

Coming Soon!

New Items and Changes
  • Armor Kigu Workbench and Armored Kigu / Power Kigu
  • MAYBE : Animal Tribe Faction
  • Clean up Red Panda hood graphics

Planned Kigus
  • Tiger
  • Raccoon
  • Fox / Wolf
  • Lion
  • Various Birds
  • Mouse / Rat
  • Bear
  • Dinosaur
  • Chicken
  • Many Other Ideas


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33 comentarios
Mistletoe The Bard 26 AGO a las 4:42 
I like your mod list arrangements. I will take a look at them. Thanks!
stupidapril 20 MAY a las 8:14 
This is a lovely mod, I think. Besides, I think it will be welcomed around Chinese Players :D.So, I am here to solicit your consent. I really hope that you can allow me to publish a Chinese translation of this module in our forum. This translated version will be marked your name, will only be distributed between players, will not be used for commercial purposes, and will not be maliciously altered. then, will you allow me to post a translated version of this module in the forum? Thank you anyway~
Skade 19 ABR a las 2:23 
I'm still having problems with raiders and visitors mainly wearing the kigurumis - like in general it's 50%+ that are wearing them :)
Arxaris 21 OCT 2018 a las 9:17 
Прикольные костюмчики для пешек
Wolfret D. Caigan  [autor] 20 OCT 2018 a las 8:10 
Thanks for letting me know about the stat issues! This should fix them and make the kigus a bit more useful. =)
Wolfret D. Caigan  [autor] 20 OCT 2018 a las 8:07 
+Changed heat insulation, cold insulation, and armor values of all kigu pieces
-- Due to a misunderstanding how some values worked, at some point I set heat/cold to negative values. This has been fixed. Sorry!
--Hood pieces now insulate a bit better than tuques, while Body pieces are similar to Parkas in stats
--Basic pieces give a rough 'average' of stats, while 'Tinted' piece stats are affected by the material they are made of.
--(These values will probably need tweaking later on)
+Increased mass of all kigu pieces
+All Kigu pieces have an equip delay now (previously used default of 1 second)
zmadz 20 OCT 2018 a las 1:08 
you might need to change some insulation values as my pawns are getting hypotermia due to -5 insulation for warm that should be in positive values
Wolfret D. Caigan  [autor] 19 OCT 2018 a las 8:45 
UPDATED : Updated to Rimworld 1.0! In a reasonable time!
Changed kigu rarity to a flat 7.5% per pawn. Previously, their rarity depended on how many other clothing pieces were in the 'equipment pool', meaning earlier tech levels would cause raiding parties to all be in kigus. Cute but a bit much!
Regular kigus will show up in the following trader/faction equipment groups : Outlander, Neolithic, Tribal, and Basic Industrial.
Ender Free 26 JUN 2018 a las 17:04 
Wolfret D. Caigan  [autor] 24 JUN 2018 a las 17:24 
UPDATED : Now on A18 finally!
CHANGED : Greatly lowered commonality. Kigu pieces were still showing up a whole lot on raiding parties, and I want it to be a much rarer thing unless you craft them yourself.