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Antasia Noir
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Publicado el
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8 ABR 2016 a las 3:34
14 ABR 2016 a las 19:56
Fecha de lanzamiento: November 2016
"So, a noir detective adventure set in a cold war period with characters straight out of a J.R.R. Tolkien book. Interested? We are!"
- IGN Adria

Antasia Noir is a dark point and click high fantasy adventure set in a world where the cold war between the Empire of Orcs and the Kingdom of Elves is only a spark away from becoming a bloody conflict. You take on the role of Dantis, an Orc High Inspector tasked with solving the murder of an elven smuggler in a city nominally neutral but under the protection of the Empire of Orcs. In this city, no one is your friend, and what at first seems like a typical murder turns out to be anything but. The results of your investigation just might turn the wheels of the entire world...

Antasia Noir is a story-driven graphical exploration adventure. The player will have to navigate the city of Great Sirmium, explore its various locations and interrogate its less-than-honest inhabitants. However, time is limited and you cannot explore everything yourself. You will have to utilise the resources of the local Orc constabulary to do some of the leg work for you. You will assemble clues, notes and testimonies, all in the hope of finding the culprit. However, the shadow of war looms over everything you do, and the moral choice is not always the right choice.
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10 ABR 2016 a las 1:30
Machina Academy
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whO? 7 JUN 2017 a las 18:39 
Joke-de 27 ABR 2016 a las 7:29 
Masexbaba was here 17 ABR 2016 a las 5:17 
Good :)
PiPS 12 ABR 2016 a las 7:21 
That soundtrack!!! :steamhappy:
Squirrel 12 ABR 2016 a las 3:19 
Machina Academy  [autor] 12 ABR 2016 a las 0:18 
@Mettalicaman4 - oh god you made us LOL :D
Mettalicaman4 11 ABR 2016 a las 17:22 
Soviet Orcs! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! btw upvoted.
Radijator 11 ABR 2016 a las 11:55 
I really like colors and music in this.
runewarden 11 ABR 2016 a las 10:29 
Looks great!
Get_Wet 11 ABR 2016 a las 6:49 
It looks really interesting,looking forward to it.