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Pimp My Dinos! Brought you Badass Armor for your Dinos! and stuff.
You've probably already heard of it! They're back, and now, they've got more friends!


T'en en as surement déjà entendu parlée! Elles sont de retours, et maintenant elles ont encore plus de potes!
Ces trois Putains d'Armures pour tes Rex n'étaient qu'un début!

Hey guys ! Long time not seen ! Well, I've got some good news for ya! No sorry, it's not a release date. But you can already check some new armors in the artworks, and more will come. But that not all, we're getting some help from awesome people, here have a look

Salut les potos ! Ca fait un bail ! Bah j'ai d'bonnes nouvelles pour vous! Non, c'est pas une date de sorti. Mais vous pouvez déjà checker quelques nouvelles armures dans les Artworks, et d'autres suivront. Mais c'est pas tout! On va recevoir de l'air de gens super cool! Jetez un coup d'oeil


Oh My God! Look who's inviting himself to join us Pimp your Dinos ! It's Yaak, the Whisperer from Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King, game developped by the Awesome RedlockStudio!
Why is he here ? Well, because he's gonna help us to Pimp Some Freaking Armors of course! If you like the art, have a look at the project's kickstarter page, I'm pretty sure you'll like it too:

All the upcoming armors from the Whisperer will be released in the 3.0, letting time to Yaak to polish them as needed! But maybe some support from you could help him and some armors will be released for the 2.0 ... ?
Let the Armors be Shattered!

Wooh♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥! Regardez qui s'invite à nous rejoindre pour Pimper vos Dinos! C'est Yaak, le Chuchoteur, de Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King, un jeu développer par le fantastique RedlockStudio!
Pourquoi il est là? Bah parce qu'il va nous aider à Pimper des Putains d'Armures♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Si t'aime le concept, pourquoi t'irais pas jeter un petit coup d'oeil à la page kickstarter du projet ? J'suis plutôt certain qu'ça va te plaire aussi:

Toutes les prochaines armures du Chuchoteur arriveront durant la 3.0, laissant de temps à Yaak de les finir bien comme il faut! Mais peut-être qu'avec un peu de soutien de votre part ça pourra l'aider à s'bouger et à en sortir pour la 2.0 ...?
Shatterisons ces putains d'armures! (Shattered ça veut dire Brisé en français, mais "Brisé - Légende du roi oublié" ... ouai, vaut mieux pas l'traduire hein! ça a quand même plus de gueule en Anglais!)

Enjoy the mod? You can donate

And now you can found us on facebook !


Mod ID 655581765

Stackable Mod ! []


New Armors:
-Rex leather, chitin and metal armor paintable with new textures
-Raptor metal armor paintable
-Saber metal armor paintable
-Spino leather and "Rois des Mers" armor paintable
-Argentavis Carbon armor paintable
-Frog chitin armor paintable
-Stag leather armor paintable
-Pulmoscorpion mecha armor paintable
-Dodu scout, leather and metal armor paintable

New Structures:
-The Pimped Smithy
-The Pimped Couch paintable
-The Pimped Stool paintable
-The Pimped Table paintable
-Wall Armor trophy of Frog, Spino, Saber, Argentavis, Rex, Raptor

New Creature(s?)
-The Dodu (big Dodo with saddle slot)

New Material:
-Crystal Liquid

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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21 ABR 2017 a las 15:28
FIJO: Please DO NOT POST anymore requests. There will be a last update and then the mod will be discontinued.
11 AGO a las 0:38
FIJO: Servers Running this Mod
15 JUL a las 20:42
Broken Argentavis Saddle?
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Alax 20 AGO a las 4:57 
it works fine and wont mess up your save, just dont use the Argentavis armor. ever since the tlc patch it doesnt fit right
Dr. Whom'st'd've'dist'd'n'st'd 20 AGO a las 2:02 
soooooooo does the mod still work? or is it so outdated that itll just mess up my save? I really like the idea of this and wanna check it out but if it means messing with my save I wont take that risk
Alax 6 AGO a las 18:15 
Yes they provide armor, quite a bit too
LlamaMoustache42 6 AGO a las 16:14 
This mod looks really great but it uses SO MUCH METAL. So my question is: do these saddles act as armor or are they just cosmetic because if they are just cosmetic I think they are overpriced.
SrJoao 4 AGO a las 13:51 
abandoned project? :'(
Sωεε† βríάηά 💋™ 23 JUL a las 8:44 
I appreciate all the work you have done with this mod over the years. Thanks for your efforts, and good fortunes in your future.

JonSwagSnow 22 JUL a las 16:51 
@Papu Buntu Just to let you know, you shouldn't let the people who have nothing but rude comments get to you. You and your team made an incredible mod that obviously a lot of people love and are only upset because they want to see more from this. Unfortunately you have come to the conclusion that no more work will be done to this and yes it is heartbreaking but it is YOUR mod, so it is YOUR choice to do whatever you want with it. Now it sucks even more that some of the dinos got new models so the armors conflict with that, but if people are gonna complain then maybe they shouldn't use it because they didn't make this outstanding mod. I appreciate all of the time you put into this and I want to thank you for all of the time you put into it.
soepie7 19 JUL a las 1:45 
@FeierLK without a crash report no one can help you.
FeierLK 18 JUL a las 23:52 
Mod crashes my game evry time :/ any solutions?!