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Cities: Skylines

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American Eclectic 7B L5 3x3
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American Eclectic 7B L5 3x3

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An Eclectic Style home, commonly found in American suburbs.

This is part of a large set for this style.

Click here to find my other American Eclectic Homes!

The basics:

*Low Residential growable
*Level 5
*3x3 lot that will expand to 3x4 if space is available.
*4 color variations


Main model - 2,108 tris, 1024x1024 textures
LOD model - 69 tris, 128x128 textures

Thanks for subscribing and rating, enjoy!
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7 comentarios
ConureGuy_411 9 AGO 2017 a las 22:05 
I have ALL of these (except the 'construction' ones) and I have a question. I am making a 'neighborhood' with all these houses but having them on 'curved' roads is a bit of a struggle cause as far as 'looks' go. Any idea what prop(s) you used for the various driveways? (The actual driveway and the stone pathways). Were they in game props or custom props? I have 'find it' so if you could tell me the names of them I'd be very grateful. But I have to say though, these are probably the best suburban houses on the WS list and with such a large variety you can really get creative. I also like that they are various sizes (3x3, 4x4 etc).
981227636 30 MAR 2016 a las 21:34 
Majordej 30 MAR 2016 a las 1:08 
I know i've said it before are you able to make a district theme?
LegionOfMe 25 MAR 2016 a las 2:58 
I love your series here and have upvoted almost every single one, but I have to agree with motown. The backs tend to get a bit boring after so many houses, reality or not.
MotownCountry 24 MAR 2016 a las 17:17 
that's then maybe...make a series like how i described? once you finish this one, that is...LOL
BoldlyBuilding  [autor] 24 MAR 2016 a las 16:54 
I'm afraid not. I make them accurately, only as they are in real life, and that's how they are. They don't tend to spend money on decorating the sides and back.
MotownCountry 24 MAR 2016 a las 16:28 
all of these houses you make are awesome. but a bit of a suggestion for any future houses....maybe the back of the house...just as exciting as the front of the house....and not so flat and boring with plain colored siding.