ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Last Updated: June 14th @ 08:14AM EST
ModID = 600015460

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I do not plan on continuing to work on this mod. It's fine in it's current iteration and I'd like to spend my modding time working on new projects. That being said, if there is an update that breaks this mod I will of course attempt to fix it. Thanks for all the love!

Is this mod stackable?
It's as stackable as pancakes at a all you can eat pancake buffet if that answers your question

What This Mod Adds
  • Chandelier
  • Cooking Hearth
  • Fire Pit
  • Square Wooden Table Variant
  • Round Wooden Table
  • Bar Counter-top
  • Bar Stool
  • Bowl
  • Tankard
  • Pitcher
  • Keg
  • Storage Cupboard
  • Table Candle
  • Cross Swords Wall Candle Decor

Item Functions
  • Cooking Hearth (Re-Added 04/23!)
    • Functions like a Cooking Pot
    • Double the inventory space
  • Fire Pit
    • Functions like a campfire
    • Double the inventory space, double the human sacrifices
    • Has taken more lives than the Giga
  • Tankard & Bowl
    • Holds 1 Consumable item stack
    • 2x preservation multiplier
  • Pitcher
    • Holds 4 Consumable item stacks
    • 5x preservation multiplier
  • Keg
    • Holds 16 Consumable item stacks
    • 10x preservation multiplier
  • Cupboard
    • Functions exactly like large storage box
  • Candles
    • They are.. Candles
    • They use Oil, Sparkpowder, or Angler Gel as fuel
    • "Unique Mystical Angler Gel Effect" - Kinda like a blue unicorn
  • Stool
    • You sit on it..
    • Sometimes it's hard and hurts your butt
  • Tables
    • Suitable for conducting business or otherwise being tables
    • Not tested for shoe application, please take shoes off before dancing on table*
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*Not held responsible for any accidents that may occur from dancing on tables

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模组英文名称:Pub Mod
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Satan 16 NOV 2021 a las 22:40 
does this still work?
Shellz 21 MAR 2020 a las 18:02 
No fish & chips?

Steel  [autor] 8 JUL 2019 a las 9:30 
Chance 7 JUL 2019 a las 16:00 
What's your ark server IP? I'll come play
Chance 7 JUL 2019 a las 15:58 
That's pretty cool, and makes me happy to hear. Funny that you say that, I'm also the owner of a community called The Gaming Council and we just hit 1500 members last week :)
Steel  [autor] 7 JUL 2019 a las 10:51 
1. She beat cancer! hasn't come back in an follow up testing
2. Doing wonderful, actually in the process of moving houses now.
3. Interesting. I actually still mod but I'm moding for Atlas now. I run a community called A1 that I started shortly after my wifes battle with cancer. Has grown to over 1500 members and we have a bunch of Ark and Atlas servers.

I quit my job last month and actually plan on getting into modding full time as soon as I'm done moving.

Thanks for asking! :8bitheart:
Chance 6 JUL 2019 a las 21:55 
Three questions for you I humbly ask, author.
1. How is your wife?
2. How are you holding up?
3. What is your life like today?
LittleDragon1986 14 MAY 2018 a las 8:30 
ist the keg only a store or can i make beer with it?
Skywalker 30 ENE 2018 a las 13:13 
I think the same. Why not updating? But, this mod is so good, why updating? I always use this mod for everything. I like roll playing. But i do have 1 request. If possible, can you make a bar sign. One you can make your own name for the bar on it. Also useble for other oppertunities. One you can change font and collour. No one seems to can do it right. And @ Steel, i hope your wife is doing better. I understand your pain.