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Five Nights at Pinkie's Gamemode
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Five Nights at Pinkie's Gamemode

Welcome to Five Nights at Pinkie's!
This is a FNAFGM extension, so you need it installed to play.

FNAFGM and FNAPGM (this addon) are both required to be installed in order to play on FNAP maps!

  • Select the gamemode

  • Select a FNAP map.

  • Enjoy!


❗ Please carefully read all the description and the FAQ

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257 comentarios
SuperDean 9 ABR a las 0:18 
no golden this is a different gamemode from the one we use. but i did pay to update this one a bit too
Thegoldenhotdog 8 ABR a las 19:47 
Dang, Dean went through all that just to provide us with a good fnaf server.
SuperDean 5 ABR a las 11:12 
ik then if you want to strike a deal add me on steam and we will talk there to not spam this addon anymore in the comments with our back and forth
VictorienXP  [autor] 5 ABR a las 11:11 
SuperDean 5 ABR a las 10:59 
as long as the addons are not gamemodes (so i can use this in sandbox and not a custom sandbox gamemode) and can be used on a server thats fine
VictorienXP  [autor] 5 ABR a las 10:53 
To put it simply I can do what you ask but you still need some addons installed. That's all.
SuperDean 5 ABR a las 10:52 
to put it simply i want to pay for a version of the MAP with events that does not rely on any gamemode to work (just like ALL the other fnaf events maps)
VictorienXP  [autor] 5 ABR a las 10:36 
How deaf can someone be
Someone please help me I just can't keep up anymore
SuperDean 5 ABR a las 10:25 
when i said i dont want to mess with the gamemodes i ment i dont want to mess with YOUR gamemodes that YOU made i want the map to not be reliant on ANY gamemodes so itll work in sandbox
VictorienXP  [autor] 5 ABR a las 10:20 
I... I just said I'll be willing to make the map(s) works without needing to use/select the gamemode ... You don't have to do anything...

You still really don't understand that currently the map really need the gamemodes so I need to actually take apart the gamemode's code to remake in way that it's not a gamemode and would work without needing a specific gamemode at all.

Anyway you just said you don't even... want that... so... ok... I see you're really actually asking for worse than that... Like I said before you just don't seem to want Garry's Mod features... so ok I understand then bye I guess...

This is exactly why I've stopped responding to the comment section.
I can write whatever I want there it's exactly the same result as me saying nothing.