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The Escapists Achievement Guide!
Por King Joseph II
This guide is a little bit different. In this guide I will explain how to get every achievment in The Escapists. As you would expect these can take a LONG time to get, but in the end you've got 19 achivements to show off to your... friends? Only joking... hehe ;)
If you are looking at this on a web browser such as Google Chrome you can press CTRL + F then you can search the achievement you're looking for, or you can look at the contents and click on them.

I have wrote this guide over 2-3 days, when I have some spare time I'll log on and just edit a bit of it. It still isn't complete, as it isn't detailed enough. If there is anything you don't understand, don't hesitate to tell me!

I also apologize for the puns, they aren't up to 2015 standards I guess... :P
Grey Matters
This is a very simple, yet time consuming achievement. It consists of constantly clicking on a DELL PC or some books about boats. You need to get your intelligence/intellect to 100.

To do this, go to the library or the computer area and keep clicking on the bookshelf/PC. This will probably require taking a shower, unless you have a bunch of food.
I Present To You
Very punny title Team17...

To get this achievement you need to give away 50 items to other inmates. They don't need to be amazing, you can use combs, toilet paper or anything you want. Eventually you will get the achievement.
Master Craftsman
This one takes a very long time. You need to fill up your crafting journal, or whatever you call it, till you have 13 pages of recipies. To get these recipies you need Crafting Notes. Then you click the Crafting Note and then you get a recipie. Beware, they are contrband so don't go walking through detectors with them!
Let's Get Physical
This one also takes a long time, but not as long as you think. You need to get your strength and speed stat to 100. This is very boring and annoying, as it is basicly just the case of spamming Q + E and taking showers.
Punch Drunk
Ok, for this achievement you need to knock of 50 inmates. I recommend you get your strength stat to at least 60, depending on which prison you're on but 60 is best.

This can be very frustrating as you may be sent to the infirmary a lot.
The Monopoly Guy
This is a very hard one, as it takes a long time.

I recommend taking on favours that give above $25, especially if they want you to be beat up someone. There is also a program called Cheat Engine that allows you to increase your money to how ever much you want. I recommend watching a video on how to do it, but I may do a video as well and post it here.
Thug Life
This can be done very quickly, just start a new prison and make sure at least 5 inmates have 80+ opinion on you. To increase they're opinion give them good items (items that could be useful to escape), keep clicking on them or complete their favours. Once you have that done, press your action button 1 (Q by defualt) over them and get 5 inmates in your gang.
Favour Fave
This achievement can take a very long time. To get this achievement, you need to complete 100 favours from inmates. To get favours, click on inmates with a green exclamation mark above their head and a image will appear on the screen.

Then complete what the image says. In this case it says knock out Officer Gill, so you would need to recruit some inmates or build your strength up then knock him out. When he's out, a message will appear saying something along the lines of 'You have completed the favour for _______ and earned yourself $___
Butter Fingers
This is a secret achievement, as there is no description to it. But it is believed you have to drop the soap, judging by the icon. I think during Shower Period you need to drop the soap next to everyone. I'm not sure if this is true, and I can not make sure as I'm not near a computer that has The Escapists installed while I'm writing this, but when I can check I'll update this one.
Disrespect Your Authority
This one gives you pride. You need to knock out 50 guards. This will most likely include multiple trips to the infirmary, unless you have infinite medikits. I would recommend doing this on Center Perks as the guards are really weak on that prison.
Strip Searched
I would also recommend doing this on Center Perks as the inmates aren't very strong either. You need to knock out 50 inmates and steal their clothes, or if you see an inmate that's knocked out steal their clothes. You can use the clothes to craft things, or you can flush them down the toilet.
Way Of The Dragon
To unlock this achievement you need Nunchucks to craft these you need: Timber x2, Wire x1 and 70 intellect. Then, I would go on Center Perks again as the inmates are weak. Then equip the Nunchucks and iniate a prison takeover. By this I mean Knockout every guard/inmate you can see. Eventually a letter will appear on your screen telling you to go to the main entrance and escape.
Digging It!
This one is simple, but takes a while to get. You need to clear a total of 50 tiles. Tiles are the things blocking you from exploring the whole of the ventilation system. You can break them with a File or a Plastic Knife.
Clean Getaway
To obtain this achievement, you must escape a prison with the average of 0% heat. To do this, just make sure you don't get caught doing anything bad. (chipping a wall, walking through a Contraband Detector with contraband on you, beating someone up, not doing your job, not being where you should be)
Day One
Self explanitory really, try and escape a prison in day 1.This is very hard, but I have written a guide on escaping a prison on day 1 or 2, depending on how well you do it.
The Wet Bandit
This achievement requires you to flood 30 toilets in cells. To flood a cell, you need to keep putting items in a toilet then eventually it will flood.
Never Be Alone Again
Takes a while to do, but when you get it you'll gave it I guess...

During freetime, go to the Visitation Area and wait for some folks to arrive. Apparently they gave you cake... ;)
The Great Escape!/The Ultimate Achievement

Succesfully escape all six prisons... while writing this only 0.1% of players actually have this... asuming they probably used a Cheat Client or something ;) Not to say thats bad, the only Cheat Client I know of is one that boosts your money/strength/speed.
THE OTHER ULTIMATE ACHIEVEMENTTT!!!111!!!1 but only this one is simpler.

You need to complete a job quota, good luck. Again only 0.1% of players have this achievement, but a lot of achievements only have a minor amount of players that have it.
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Teorema 20 JUN 2019 a las 18:24 
GrungeSexy 18 ABR 2016 a las 12:38 
if ther was a achievement wher you need to get all the achievements it will be inpossible as that is an achievement now if you dont mind i need my cocane :steamsalty: mmmmmmm
UltraFireFX 20 MAR 2016 a las 5:01 
With Jobsworth, you have to complete quota on ALL jobs.
FarinaJoocie 22 NOV 2015 a las 17:18 
Jobsworth can be easily obtained by playing different downloaded maps
*akolai 11 SEP 2015 a las 2:55 
In the escape team DLC, there's also:
Tanked Up - Make the tank
Soldiers of Fortune - Escape
Loved Up - Have the team love you when escaping
The Mad Man - Give Sean a trash bag
Ladies' Man - Give Andy aftershave
Cage's Buddy - Give Cage a sovereign ring
HollowDaddyO-kun 29 JUN 2015 a las 18:45 
wut about the new achievements?:Access:
Jose.Gonzolez_2008 24 MAY 2015 a las 0:37 
i got clean getaway by a glitch all i did was go to sleep while a guard punched me and then i had escaped stalag fluct with -0 points and 0% heat. I was also one of the first 0.4% of players to get this. Also good chance that was not the reason why i glitched so dont expect it tohave a good chance of working. :ccknight:<- look at that face of glory
manglemonster 23 MAY 2015 a las 17:14 
For UberedScout: Go to the laundry job room, but don't go in. Continue to the left and you will see a wooden area with a camera, 4 seats and a table with glass over it. This is the visitation area. sit down in one of the chairs and wait. Eventually, a person will come along and talk to you! KEWL FACT: The visitation area (to the best of my knowledge) is the only place in Center Perks with a camera (there may be some in inaccessible areas, like the guard dorm)!
UberedScout 2 MAY 2015 a las 23:44 
where is the visitation area on Center Perks?
A Power Drill 5 MAR 2015 a las 2:45 
To get:
Thug life
Disrespect my authority
Way of the dragon
Digging it
Clean Getaway
Day one
Wet Bandit
Be Alone again
The great escape
Attempted to get Way of the dragon.
Knocked out a guard, got shot from inside.
Apparently snipers have penetration bullets.
11/10 would try this achievement again.