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Gesture Wheel
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Gesture Wheel

Adds a wheel selection interface for emotes, making it easier to emote.

By default, the hotkey is set to G (but you can configure it in the mod config options). Holding G will bring up the gesture wheel, then moving your mouse in a particular direction will select a gesture. When you release G, your character will do the gesture.

On controllers, pressing in the left analog activates the wheel, and selection is done by moving the left analog while it's still pressed in (then releasing to make the selection). It's technically bound to Menu Misc 3, which I believe you can rebind in the Controls menu.

I included several options that you might want to change:
Toggle button
Defaults to G, but you can set it to any letter key. Hopefully when mods get proper controls options, this will be nicer to work with :)
Wheel Size
Sets the size of the wheel. Defaults to 1, and can be set from 0.1 to 2.
Show picture or text
You can have it show just the picture, just the text, or both.
Center wheel
Determines whether the wheel comes up around your mouse or the center of the screen.
Restore cursor position
If Center Wheel is disabled, this setting doesn't do anything, unless set to Absolute. Otherwise:
  • Relative, the default setting, moves it back where it was before, adding the extra movement you did for the gesture.
  • Absolute sets it back where it was before without adding the extra movement.
  • Center sets the mouse to the middle of the wheel when bringing it up, but doesn't move it afterwards.
  • Off doesn't move the mouse ever.
Controller Stick
Left (the default) uses the left analog stick to select emotes, and Right uses the right stick. If you want to rebind which stick needs to be clicked in, rebind menu_misc_3 in the game's controller controls menu (you'll most likely want to swap it with the scoreboard button).
Limit to 8
Off (the default) uses all the emotes, but the wheel is getting pretty crowded (current at 12 emotes), so On limits the wheel to 8 emotes, which are chosen with the remaining options (Right Emote, Down-Left Emote, and so on).

Things I'd like to add to it:
* Maybe a nice wheel background to make it less floating-in-space-y
* Suggestions?

Thanks to PrzemoLSZ for fixing controller support!
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SwapTaiyou/Ori 20 ENE a las 3:35 
rezecib  [autor] 3 ENE a las 17:12 
That's a Steam Workshop bug, you gotta delete the folder with those numbers in the mod folder to get it to try to redownload
Lucky Lugia 3 ENE a las 13:22 
Ayo, this shows up as a string of random numbers in-game. Might wanna check up on it.
rezecib  [autor] 31 DIC 2020 a las 4:37 
Hold G (or rebind in mod configuration settings)
post 31 DIC 2020 a las 2:03 
how do i get the weel to come up
ТИ_ХТО? 25 DIC 2020 a las 6:21 
Moist_Twerk_Fart 22 NOV 2020 a las 22:21 
This is really fun to do with Friends ingame! thanks alot for making this easier.
Maxwell 11 NOV 2020 a las 9:44 
One of the must-have mods. Many thanks.
被詛咒的喵°oO 3 NOV 2020 a las 2:50 
Liners 27 OCT 2020 a las 16:49 
Genio :heartgr: