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Enhanced Movement
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10 MAY 2018 a las 11:01
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Enhanced Movement

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Enhanced Movement - BETA






- use this at your own risk (obviously...)

- this update will not fix (potentially break) old broken savegames



BI forums:


- one context sensitive key to:
--> jump
--> climb on/over and step onto obstacles

- one context sensitive key to:
--> open doors/hatches and perform any close by actions
--> climb ladders
--> access the gear of any object (vehicles, ammoboxes, etc.)
--> get quickly into prioritized vehicle seats (temporarily disabled)
--> vehicle seat menu
--> access gear of group members (temporarily disabled)


after installing the addon simply go ingame and press ESC. there will be a small menu that will allow you to bind your keys and adjust your settings. for a short demonstration see the video above.

KNOWN ISSUES (please read this before reporting things)

- some objects make you float (this has to be fixed by BI insdie the models)

- some windows or general places are not climbable (again..this has to be fixed by BI inside the models)

- clipping resulting in floating/clipping and generally unpleasing visuals


- improved animations


- various people i learned from over the years especially Einherj. the rest. you know who you are. thx!
- thx Columdrum for the action code example
- Apache7 for helping me sort some binarize problems and general rtm things
- Macser for his awesome Blender rig that inspired me to make my own in max (coming soon)
- Mikero for his great tools that simply work and do the job properly
- LordPrimate for temporary signature solution
- BI for this amazing and weird ♥♥♥ game series that i hate and love at the same time
- dedmen for tips, file AND line pointers of where to apply them, thx a lot man!

all beta testers and especially...

Apache (indepth MP testing)
Einherj (indepth MP testing)
Deuce (indepth SP testing)
Corporal_Lib (indepth SP testing)
SerJames (indepth mod compatibility testing)


modification of the contents of this addon requires the author's (that would be me) permission. should permission be granted the content and derivatives of it are under the APL-SA license.

the contents of this addon are not allowed for any type of commercial use. that includes derivatives of it.

that includes using this as part of game modes/servers that have donation systems that are tied to ingame content as reward for donations or straight up fees, even if that content is not this addon specifically. also not allowed is the use of this addon on monetized servers that take a fee to play on them. pay2play is a big nono.
this means the use of this is only allowed in a 100% free context. that obviously excludes normal servers that accept donations without ingame content perks.

the use of contents of this addon (if permission was granted) is not allowed outside of arma games. that includes "very similar military simulators based on the RV engine".
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1,250 comentarios
Nabosition 14 SEP a las 23:35 
menu doesnt appear for me and the video tutorial link is broken
Beagle 8 SEP a las 6:50 
Lovely mod but the fact that you can jump while prone is a bit of a dealbreaker for me. Your body teleports up and down during it and it makes it quite irritating to aim at you. Other than that it's really nicely done and I'd love to use it more.
konal777 1 SEP a las 9:28 
Hello WonkyWilla, I use your mod on my server on one computer and from the other computer in our country I plug into my server and play because the server works 24/7 and I am not comfortable playing from the first host computer, so I keep the progress there too !! ! The mod worked perfectly for both, but now it only works on the host computer --- by plugging in the second one into the server no longer works !!! From the second where the server is not working only if I make a server !!! ??? And before it worked when I turned on my server from the second computer !!! ??? Is this normal and if not what to do? I tried any settings but it has no effect - what will you advise me and how to fix this problem? Please help --- i love this mod, it's great !!!
Alasson 1 SEP a las 2:24 
Hello! do you know if this mod is client side or I have to install it on server too?

Thanks! I love this mod :D
Moony 29 AGO a las 5:47 
I use space as it is the most logical for me. (From all the other games).
Since I'm playing Arma (with EM) for quite some time now I'm totally used to it to not randomly press it during a mission.
If you have a mouse with additional buttons, i'd use them, that's exactly what i am doing.
Nobgobbler 28 AGO a las 19:38 
What do you guys use as a key? I started with spacebar but I tend to impulsively press it by accident. Now I'm using T but I found myself leaping over towers because I was trying to lock on to a moving target with my AT launcher. Any keys that aren't connected to anything but somewhat easy to press quickly??
Crippsey 28 AGO a las 14:18 
How to set up controls:
Go in game and press Esc to pause,
In the bottom right of your screen there is a puzzle piece that will open a list of current mods,
Click puzzle piece to show a list of current mods,
Click on Enhanced Movement,
You will see 'Keys' and 'Settings' in the box on the right,
You can now double click these to change them,
Remember which User Action number you set for each key (or write it down),
Go to 'Configure', 'Controls', and in the 'SHOW:' drop down menu select 'Custom Controls',
Now bind your desired controls to the corresponding User Action number,
Hit OK in the lower right corner.
markeyes 26 AGO a las 15:04 
great works for me
ZenonAlergico 21 AGO a las 16:07 
Doesn't work anymore? I can't configure following the video steps.