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Nubarron: The adventure of an unlucky gnome
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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22 OCT 2014 a las 16:57
24 OCT 2019 a las 12:47

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Nubarron is happening!
Our one-level demo is up!!
Nubarron is a A 2D puzzle-plaformer set in a gorgeous digital-painted fairy tale world. Traverse this forest looking for your missing lucky hat, while not being able to stay still, since Cloud is throwing thunders constantly at you. But don't be fooled, those same thunders may become pretty useful during your journey.

  • 2D puzzle platformer with a novel and broad mechanic: Cloud is constantly throwing lightings at Gnome. This is both a curse and a blessing, since these lightnings will kill you but also help you solve puzzles with their side effects.

  • Gorgeous digital painted art: Our talented artist Juan Novelletto has been crafting amazing concepts for Nubarron's world. All the graphics of the game will be done using digital painting techniques, providing it a nice artistic look, something that is hard to find in this type of games.

  • Vast universe full of stories, creatures and awesome landscapes: We want this game to be the first instance in a series of stories about this broad universe. We're creating a bestiary book with short story fragments and sketches gathered by adventurous scouts that travelled across these lands.

  • A fairytale story with a dramatic dark twist: The story of Nubarron is not like any other fairytale. Things don't work as one might expect in this twisted world, and the forest is aware of this. Perceive the world morphing in the most mischievous ways at every single step.

  • Hardcore puzzles: The game is based on difficult puzzles that will put you in the dilema of using Cloud's thunder bolts to modify the environment. Usually not in happy ways.
  • Controller Support: The game will support as many controllers as we can get our hands on. For now we have Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Ouya. Get in touch with us if you want to have a specific controller supported and can help us testing.


    When we think of a fairytale forest, a warm and friendly feeling arises. It certainly smells like flowers in bloom and rainbows give color to every morning. Well that's not the case in the peaceful forest of the deep blue sky. Something has brought trouble to the ever happy neiborghood. Something is terribly wrong with one of his inhabitants.

    Gnome, one of the merry and lucky inhabitants of the forest, lost his hat. This unfortunate event ended up being a little bit more important than it may seem at plain sight. Gnome's hat was the source of his luckiness and with it gone an unpredictable thing happened. The stormy Cloud formed on top of Gnome taking the place of his hat. This was no game. Cloud seemed to enjoy throwing lightnings to every single thing that was below her. An Gnome was no exception.

    Gnome wanted his luck back. And so, a shakespearean drama began…


    Cloud is Gnome's dangerous companion in this long journey across the Deep Blue Forest. She has several skills, among those known by mortals one can find:
    • Kill Gnome: You'll have to be in constant movement to avoid Cloud's lightnings. If not, poor Gnome.

    • Take care of enemies: If you manage to avoid lightnings, the next step is to use them at your favor. Those bolts will take care of any unfriendly creature that you may cross.

    • Bring light to dark places: You know abominable creatures live in the dark. Luckily, Cloud's Lightning bolts produce enough light to keep shadowy places visible. For short time spans though.

    • Turn machines on: Those same lightnings that kill you can be used to power up machines that need electricity. You'll find several of these across your journey.

    • Set stuff on fire: Sometimes you'll need to get a little aggressive with the environment to find your way. Cloud's bolts will set several things on fire when hit.
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29 OCT 2019 a las 4:29
Having Quests in Nubarron?
29 OCT 2019 a las 7:13
Kein Zantezuken
29 OCT 2019 a las 4:30
this game is necesary for steam
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Nastycloud  [autor] 29 OCT 2019 a las 4:30 
Tim32 16 JUN 2017 a las 18:59 
Nastycloud  [autor] 16 JUN 2017 a las 15:58 
Yes! We're approaching content-complete! A few passes on beta testing and we should be ready to launch!
Daikataro 16 MAR 2017 a las 18:39 
So... Is this happening?
Tim32 5 DIC 2016 a las 9:19 
Where is Nubarron? :steamsad:
NoPlaceToHide 22 NOV 2016 a las 9:52 
Se ve increíble, espero que lleguen a su meta en Kickstarter!
franciscotufro  [autor] 24 JUN 2015 a las 10:01 
Cryingshadow 6 ENE 2015 a las 16:15 
Esto se ve demasciado bueno lo nesesito
Whorkaholick21 15 DIC 2014 a las 10:33 
será que é bom ?
<u>Jesus Cries!!!!! 5 DIC 2014 a las 2:28 
nice game ^^
love it