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[Old Version] Stargate (working teleport)
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[Old Version] Stargate (working teleport)

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For maintenance reasons, the Stargate mod is moving here.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but this will allow us to service the mod better.
I (Phoenix) am the scripter, so it makes sense to move the move to my account, since the scripts are what break and change the most. This version will still work for a time, to ease transition, however it will not function forever. When this mod stops functioning, all the blocks will disappear.
The new version is a drop-in replacement, 100% compatible with this one. Simply replace the this ID with the new one (754173702).

Welcome to the Stargate mod for Space Engineers!
This mod is under constant development, just like Space Engineers itself
The mod works for both DX9 and DX11
Models are ready for Creative and Survival

--> We have made a lot of bugfixes (30.07.2016)

- 4 Different types of Stargates (Put gravel as fuel inside to have sounds)
- 4 Different types of DHDs
- Supergate
- M.A.L.P.
- Naquadah Generator
- Stargate Center Logo
- Atlantis Button Panel
- Atlantis Doors
- Ancient Control Chair
- ZPM-Hub / Textures are incorrect, we know :(
- Goa'uld Sarcophagus
- Assembler for Naquadah
- A bunch of Puddle-Jumper parts, which make a complete Jumper when connected.

- Zat'nit'kel
- Jaffa Staff
- P90

- Naquadah, Neutronium, Trinium ore
- Naquadah, Neutronium, Trinium ingot
- Naquadah, Neutronium, Trinium component

- Goa'uld Al'kesh
- Goa'uld Tel'Tac ZPM freighter
- Asgard Ship
- Daniel Jackson

1. Place at least 2 gates on different stations or Ships. The gates can also be floating in space.
2. Place a DHD. It will detect the nearest Stargate and control it. It must not be connected to a gate.
3. Name the Gates like "Gate1", "Gate2", "Astereoid Base", "Alpha Base", whatever you like.
4. Change name of the DHD near a stargate to "Gate2" in order to teleport to "Gate2".
5. Press button on DHD (Do not asign the button to anything, leave it empty, just press it)

Note: The gates will stay open 10 sec after the first Engineer went through. This means, all your
friends can follow you. Put "[Autoclose=#]" in the DHD name, to autoclose the DHD after # seconds.

Access a terminal and change the option "Use conveyor system" of the gate to "On".
The iris will also automatically open for any members of your faction.

1. Place at least two Supergates somewhere.
2. Fly with your ship near one and activate the Supergate via DHD on your ship.
Remember, you cannot connect a small Stargate with a Supergate.

- Better Puddle Jumper (wip)
- Atlantis Consoles
- Steerable Malp
- Staff Weapons for small ships
- Stargate Characters (SG1 team, Atlantis team, Jaffa, etc)
If you know how to do proper character rigging and want to help us with Stargate Character Suits, your help is very much appreciated!


There is a hardcore version of this mod, you can find it here
Do not use both mods at the same time!

If you having problems, try deleting the mod and reloading the world to download it again.
There seems to be a problem with updating, causing the mod to get corrupted.
To delete it, in SP and MP, delete %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\Mods\307034320.sbm
In Dedicated Server, delete %appdata%\SpaceEngineersDedicated\Mods\307034320.sbm

--> If only want the Stargate and nothing else, you can check this mod out.
--> If you have trouble with teleporting, check this map out: Map
--> Here is a really nice ancient egypt style mod for Goa'uld interior: Click me
--> There is a complete Cheyenne Mountain Base, follow this link: World
--> Please do not only subscribe but also press "Thumb up", encourages us a lot :) Thanks!

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Abisius 3 OCT a las 0:12 
pls read the moddescription, there stands exactly why it is not working and where you find a working version
jjewitt7 2 OCT a las 17:33 
Stargate doesn open :steamsad:or light up just makes sound and dailing devices does not work.
Rhombicosidodecahedron 12 ABR a las 14:58 
make it so that when it opens and closes it stretches out and gets pulled in and once the main control seat goes through it has a jump drive effect, i'm not that good with modding but it doesn't sound too hard
Abisius 3 MAR a las 6:00 
pls read the moddescription, there stands exactly why it is not working and where you find a working version
gogotech12 3 MAR a las 3:53 
help my gate dont work
Abisius 15 DIC 2017 a las 19:26 
@Zucon pls read the mod description
Zucon 15 DIC 2017 a las 15:35 
will this work with the last update
Airomis 29 AGO 2017 a las 10:15 
Well the word here might be to small 😁 I open up steam and was why are people posting o. This page then asked why am I still following this page lol
Abisius 29 AGO 2017 a las 10:11 
maybee we need a text in pink camoflague so that people can actually find it because they seam unable to find a lightgrey text with a white hyperlinked word on blue background
Jimmon 29 AGO 2017 a las 7:14 
litterally the second line down in the description is the link to the new version...