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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
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2 ABR 2014 a las 16:49
17 MAR 2016 a las 6:59
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Narcissus at Ga Ma Yo and the Market
IGF, GAMAYO, INSOMNIA 53, moving to Huddersfield and a quaint Christmas market.
Fecha de lanzamiento: June 2016

Fail in love with Narcissus, the perfect game to put any healthy relationship to the test. Guide the reflections of Narcissus as they leap and weave through increasingly mind-melting scatterings of earth - all to a smorgasbord of electronic music[soundcloud.com].

Either be a Narcissist and sink into multitasking madness and play the entire game solo, or seek Narcassistance and team up to share the cognitive burden. How many levels will your friendship last?


Narcissus has two contrasting gameplay experiences, yet no change in design. It all depends on how, but more importantly, who you play it with.

I wanted to build a game that encouraged people to play games in the same physical space. Narcissus has been built to be easier when accompanied by another person, but still possible to complete alone.

Narcissus best fits into the category of a “finite” runner, with 50 levels that the player/s power their way through by getting both characters from one side to the other without either falling off the world. Control is simple (up to make one player jump and down for the other), whilst the level design is “hatingly crafted”.

PLAY ORIGINAL[gamejolt.com]

"Johansson has produced a unique, multi-faceted game offering two different but equally appealing experiences well worth your time."

"Player one jumps with the up button,
player two the down, and then you tap
and swear until you're not friends


"When things go right it's a sight to behold.
Twin wakes wrapping around thick lumps of
scenery as a pair of monochrome avatars
rush from A to B with precision and perfect


"Click here to play again... NO!"

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103 comentarios
dtaylor18 15 FEB 2017 a las 13:17 
Your supposed to play it with 2 people?! No wonder I sucked so bad, also I got to level 33 on normal mode so far, I got the game a few days ago, it's been really hard but fun, doing it alone is really pushing my limits though.
CptBanksy 25 ENE 2016 a las 10:14 
Knew this game was good when I tried it at I53 good job man
Clem Fangango ☃ 9 MAR 2015 a las 4:13 
Good job Alex, You have worked so darn hard on this little baby!! Keep up the good work and many congrats to you!! :SlyNinja::punch::ToasterRepair:
Pseudonymous 18 FEB 2015 a las 17:43 
can't wait for a longer version, played it first on Flash and I want more more more!!!
Mrbebob1 8 FEB 2015 a las 11:09 
This game was great, I first tried this game at a convention, the visuals are beautiful and the gameplay is addictive and enjoyable to play. Honestly I would recommend this to everyone, not only can you play as a pair but you can try the challenging method of playing both characters at once.
Sofioso 28 ENE 2015 a las 11:04 
This looks super good, it would be a super kawaii couple game! ^w^
Hard-R N-Word 28 ENE 2015 a las 10:04 
This needs to be greenlit, this is a very engaging puzzle-platformer.
moldyhoumas 18 ENE 2015 a las 12:11 
It's a great beautifully simple game that needs to be Greenlit ASAP.
Mechabit 23 NOV 2014 a las 0:33 
Been following this for a while now. Good catch up at Insomnia.
ThomasRed20 22 NOV 2014 a las 14:45 
Played with Becticcyn at Insomnia 53, I agree, its a great game, With an amazing soundtrack, and even though I lost it, the prize was cool :) It's a very addictive game and it's annoying the demo back home only goes to 12, NEED MORE! And also having the game dev to behind us to help is was very handy :) 10/10!