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Volkswagen Beetle Scar
Type: Vehicle, Addon
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22 SEP 2013 a las 15:59
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Volkswagen Beetle Scar

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SCars Slim

I made this for a request,
This little bugger took alot of work XD

A mix of Foza 4 and this:
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D R E A M S TRADEIT.GG 6 ENE a las 1:44 
so quick question. Can you port the beetle to simfphys base? if u dont want to do it. I can do it for u and u can upload it.
sarcasmman111 26 MAR 2018 a las 17:05 
amazing!!!!! :steamhappy:
judisleiton | 25 OCT 2017 a las 13:40 
Silent_Freeman 13 SEP 2017 a las 14:43 
I am immediately in love with his car! Especially with the option to pick your color of choice! Thank you so much for creating this!
RainbowPrussianTrain15 25 JUN 2017 a las 21:28 
Yes the German Made this in da 1930s
libbyduck 18 FEB 2017 a las 21:24 
TheCarson116 PLEASE make this a herbie skin!
TheCarson116 8 OCT 2016 a las 9:18 
If any of you want, I can try making a Herbie skin for this. :)
Matchstick Man 16 AGO 2016 a las 14:46 
Can you make this a 63 and make a Herbie skin please?
RXJ 17 SEP 2015 a las 9:30 
wy am i not getting scars it doesent work
Jones996 16 AGO 2015 a las 12:42 
Ah! "bugger"... I see what you did there! :)