Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Men of War: Assault Squad 2

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I originally helped on Tanks2.0, that project eventually got discontinued. My contributions where a massive amount of rebalancing and corrections of stats etc. This has been an on going WIP for many years now. Its simply easier to have my friend’s DL from Steam instead of the huge 4.7gig file each time I make a revision so now publicly everyone else can have access as well. As long as I play MOW2 this mod should be kept working with the current version of the game.

In this mod you will have.
+All of TanksPlus tanks
+rebalance of 90% of units in game including tanks and soldiers cost abilities, veterancy, etc.
+AI by LoSboccacc,
+new difficulty balances (Hard should be hard, Heroic is intense! GG trying to beat 2v1 against 2 heroics)
+New modified units like KV-220 AKA Trunchbull and the T34E76F CQB, KV5 and 4, officers, the list goes on.
+New ammo trucks and resupply boxes resupply more ammo, faster, slightly larger radius, and allows more mgun ammo to be stocked.
+TRACK durability. Sick of getting tracked in heavy tanks? I’ve fixed that! Now there are multiple unique track durability profiles based on the tanks they are fitted to. That makes tanks feel like tanks!

+Defenses build faster! Sandbags build the same time, I find their duration is balanced for effect. However land mines, barbed wire, and tank traps are now built much faster! Allowing them to actually be possible between the onslaughts of LoSboccacc’s aggressive AI.
+Exaggeration. Each nation now feels more “unique” with some units being cheaper and better to make them feel more relevant. German MGs are cheap and great, Russians spawn a ton of cheap conscripts, Japan has unlimited kamikazes when needed. Some units have better gear, faster cool downs etc. The goal was to recreate the legend of WWII while not becoming excessively unrealistic. While also maintain balance as a core component. Countering units now feel much more strategic, and the clever player will always find a solution to turn the tide of battle.

Known bugs working on.
-Some tanks have excessive turret roof armor. Like 251mm instead of 25mm it’s a weird bug that suddenly corrupts only in game values regardless of what I change in the mod. Its only on a few tanks and not exactly somewhere that is hit a lot.
-New AI tends to crash when the game ends and if you’re the host online after long matches. Haven’t found fix yet but worth it for this amazingly good AI.
-Though I was clever changing the name of the mod to Tanks +P+ but it broke lots of stuff, changed it back, make sure to delete the file Tanks+P+ if its still on your computer.
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SirCaptainDan hace 18 horas 
This mod is not compatible with Octfront Veteranan DLC. Can you fix that please?
Star wars skylanders 21 AGO a las 3:47 
mcqeulinferenzio can u please add more tanks to this mod please i beg u
WolfHeinz 6 AGO a las 20:47 
Possibilities of the m10 panther ?.
there is a model in the previous mowas but nobody has passed it to the new one.
VO1DRU5H 3 AGO a las 11:04 
i am having problems with having the mod crashing upon starting a skirmish against AI only. the crash report seems to indicate that there is something going wrong with the USSR heavy tank, the IS-5, which seems to be causing the crash. i hope this helps with fixing the crashing problems.
Penguin 28 JUL a las 12:08 
please add the marder and german armored cars and half track tank tds
Pilot953 23 JUL a las 18:04 
keeps crashing on loading screen
KajJyn 19 JUL a las 7:22 
can i use this mode with others like valour or Robz Realism?
MrBaltos 11 JUL a las 9:37 
thank you!
mcqeulinferenzio  [autor] 10 JUL a las 18:07 
The mod in game is tanksplus2

CP mods used to work with this mod, than some times they do not! I know its annoying! I will mod this mod so it has more CP
MrBaltos 9 JUL a las 17:24 
i was using this with a CP mod ( ) sometimes it disables most/all the vehicles (russians only goes up to IS-3 and brits are stuck like base game) and other times all is fine and works like usual